KB4503293 breaks Windows Sandbox and fails to install for some

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KB4503293 issues

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If you’re running Windows 10 v1903, you can now download and install KB4503293 on your computer.

This update focuses on improving the overall security level of your system. More specifically, it blocks Bluetooth connection that are not secure and adds some general security improvements to Windows 10’s main components.

At the same time, KB4503293 also brings a few issues of its own. The good news is that these bugs are far and few between.

KB4503293 reported issues

KB4503293 won’t install

There are some Windows 10 users who are still struggling to install this patch on their machines. The update process suddenly stops for a few minutes, then resumes only to fail again a few minutes later.

The first download got to 73% downloaded and stopped. No disk, CPU or ethernet activity. I left it an hour and then it failed with no error given. It suggested restart and I did, but the restart continued and I left that an hour. Eventually I used hard shutdown and rebooted. This time it missed the download, just installed and completed successfully.

Windows Sandbox error 0x80070002

Windows Sandbox may fail to start for some with the following error code: ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (0x80070002).

This problem mainly occurs on devices in which the OS language was changed during the update process when users initially installed Windows 10 version 1903.

Microsoft is working on a fix which should be deployed in an upcoming update release.

These are the only issues reported so far.

As you can see, if you manage to install KB4503293 in the first place, then everything should go smoothly.

Just in case you’re experiencing performance issues after installing this update, use this troubleshooting guide to fix your PC.

Did you encounter any other issues after installing KB4503293? Do let us know in the comments below.



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