Get the latest Windows 10 updates to fix app launch bugs

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It’s Patch Tuesday again and Microsoft rolled out new Windows 10 cumulative updates for all the OS versions currently supported.

More specifically, KB4507435 brings improvements and fixes for Windows 10 v1803. KB4507453 and KB4507469 are available for Windows 10, v1903 and Windows 10, v1809 respectively.

Let’s quickly discuss the key improvements and fixes included in the recent updates.

KB4507435, KB4507453, KB4507469 changelog

BitLocker issue resolved

All of these updates addressed the BitLocker issues thatt previously forced the tool to go into recovery mode during the update install process.

General security updates

These updates bring a long list of general security updates for Windows Server, Windows Wireless Networking, Windows Storage, Microsoft Edge,  Windows Kernel, and more.

Unresponsive system bug fix

Microsoft released KB4507469 to fix an issue with some applications. According to Microsoft, the system failed to respond when an app used CameraCaptureUI API.

Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) bugs fixed

Microsoft acknowledged the fact that when users connected Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headsets, they used to see a tilted world.

Moreover, users reported visual quality issues with SteamVR content and Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headsets and SteamVR content. All these issues are now fixed thanks to KB4507453.

Known issues

Microsoft acknowledged a bunch of issues in Windows 10 cumulative updates KB4507435, KB4507453, KB4507469. We are going to refer only to two of the most severe issues.

BSOD errors

Microsoft warned its users that they may encounter BSOD bugs after installing the latest updates.

Meanwhile, you can try a temporary workaround to fix this issue on your system. First press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys and then click the Power button on the screen to reboot your system.

If this method fails, here are some additional solutions to fix BSOD issues:

Window-Eyes screen reader app issues

The official changelog suggests that you may not launch or use the Window-Eyes screen reader app after the installation of these updates. Moreover, some features may not work properly either.

The tech giant is currently investigating these issues and the corresponding patches are expected to be available very soon.



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