4 Kundli software for Windows 10 to create your own horoscope

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kundli software windows 10

Kundli is an astrological chart that’s a personal horoscope based on the exact date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth of the individual. A Kundli tool is the easiest way to derive accurate results in you’re interested in learning more about yourself.

This chart is based on Vedic Astrology System that indicates the positioning of the different planets. The focus is on the planets like the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and, of course, the Moon.

Astrological details and angles at the time of birth, are among the other major aspects that play a crucial role in one’s life. Kundli, which is also known as Janampatri, Birth Chart, or Janam Kundli, is used to predict various aspects of one’s life. For example, this chiefly involves marriage (in India), job prospects, the health of the individual, or financial situation.

Previously, astrologers would take days to prepare an in-depth Kundli speaking of the individual’s past, present, future, and his/her personality accurately. However, the introduction of Kundli software has made life much easier for both the astrologer and the public.

All you need are the exact details of the individual and the right software, and the Kundli is generated online in minutes (whether you are an astrologer or not).

Here’s a list of the best Kundli Software for Windows 10 that are widely used all over the globe.

Top 4 Kundli software for professional predictions

Astrosage Kundli 7 

Astrosage Kundli 7 

Astrosage Kundli 7 If you are looking for an in-depth analysis with some outstanding visuals, then Astrosage Kundli 7 is the right choice for you. This is one of the most popular Kundli matching software that generates a predictive horoscope (Kundli) based on the astrological details, and by analyzing the database.

Furthermore, this responsive software offers automatic matchmaking, matrimony and other predictions based on calculations.

Some of its major features are:

  • Generates screen preview and Kundli elements such as the North, South, and Bangla Charts;
  • Offers daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscope;
  • Provides options for different Ayanamsa;
  • Facility of paid questions, readings, and shopping astrological products;
  • Basic astrology videos, yearly calendars, and more to offer;
  • Option to find out the planetary positions, detailed Nirayana Bhava Chalit, Birth details, Moon & Navamsa Chart, and more;
  • Offers planetary aspects such as Ratna suggestions, Manglik Dosha, Yantra, and Mantra;
  • Offers predictions for marriage, business, finance, love, career, health, lucky days and colors, etc.;
  • Predictions for Rashi, Planets, etc.;
  • Supports transferring results to PDF, BMP, and JPEG formats.

Moreover, the software also comes packed with many other tools helping users to study and examine the charts and reports.

Price: Free version available. The Pro version is priced at $7.00.

Kundli Chakra 2019 Professional Edition

Kundli Chakra 2019 Professional Edition

Kundli Chakra 2017 Pro

Kundli Chakra has been one of the initial astrological software that’s still equally popular. It comes packed with features allowing the users to generate professional level predictions in one simple click in addition to options to customize the charts. Regular updates and error fixes keep the software up-to-date.

Among its major features are:

  • Predictions and horoscopes using birth details and other data;
  • Matching the Kundli of two people using their individual astrological aspects that help predict their compatibility and future with each other;
  • Astrological predictions using K.P and S.P.S system;
  • Integrated engine to offer numerological predictions for future and match-making using the details of the user/users;
  • Predictions and tracking facility of the future positioning of the various stars and planets;
  • Option to select a suitable name based on the Vedic method (time of birth, date of birth, and other related details required) that’s blessed with good luck;
  • Option to select a suitable name based on Western method;
  • Offers exhaustive predictions for Lagna, Love, Finance, Planet, Nakshatra, etc.
  • Option to study all biorhythms easily such as Primary and Secondary rhythms, I-Ching, and comprehensive graphs;
  • Integrated atlas offering apt future predictions for over 2.5 lakh cities;
  • Offers muhurta analysis of every minute using Kundli Chakra Pro, in real time.

Lal Kitab Analysis, Time Correction, Gem Stones suggestions, analysis of Manglik and Kaalsarpa Dosha, are among some of the other significant features of this software.

Price: Starts at $268.00.

Astrocomp Astrology Kundli 2018

Astrocomp Astrology Kundli 2018

Kundli 2018 is another popular software that’s perfect to generate personal Horoscopes, Panchang, Match-Making, Dashas, Varshphals, and more, easily. It’s a complete solution for all your astrological needs.

Some of its major features include:

  • Charting available in East, North, and South Indian styles. Also available in KP, Nirayan, and Western forms serving all astrology types;
  • Saves all horoscope data for future use;
  • Option to get the name and address printed on the horoscope;
  • Can be used to create Kundli for all the time zones globally;
  • Option to get prints in rich charting styles
  • Huge database of countries with Latitude and Longitude;
  • Facility for instant display;
  • Option to print the preferred pages and even customize them in own modules;
  • Match Making facility to check compatibility for marriage;
  • General predictions based on house, and Varshphal (yearly prediction);
  • Offers ongoing movement of planets, changes in Nakshatras, and yearly Rasi;

Tithi calendar, name database for babies, remedies for Sade Sati, positions of Rahu and Ketu, are some of the other features of the software.

Price: Starts from $62.00.

PremiumAV Kundli 8 Kundli Software

PremiumAV Kundli 8

Kundli 8 is a well-known Kundli software that offers all the usual Kundli benefits in addition to some other advanced features. Among the usual features, it generates Kundli for an individual and offers predictions based on Amsha, Deha Rashi, K.C.D, and Jeeva-Rashi.

The software helps calculate the general and mental characteristics of an individual, precisely. Moreover, it tells the results of the planetary transits.

For those looking for predictions, this offers predictions for education, career, health, marriage, and Ashtakavarga. Besides, predictions are also extracted using different dashas that include Upa-Karaka, Yogini Dasha, Graha Dasha, Ashtottari Dasha, and so on.

Price: $7.00

There are several Kundli software available online that help users generate Kundli for free, but those just offer a basic overview.

To generate accurate results, in-depth analysis, and appropriate remedies, astrologers must use powerful and paid software.

Choose from one of the best Kundli software for your Windows 10 mentioned above, and offer professional help to clients.


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