Laptop locker software: Protect your laptop with these 5 tools

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laptop locker software

Keeping your laptop safe from unauthorized access is quite important. There are several ways to do that, but one of the best ways is to use a laptop locker software. There are many applications that can lock your laptop and keep it safe from unauthorized access, and today we’re going to show you the best of them.

What is the best laptop locker software for your PC?


Chris PC-Lock

laptop locker software

First on our list is Chris PC-Lock, and this simple application will lock your desktop keyboard and prevent unauthorized users from accessing your PC. The application will also block all keyboard shortcuts, Task Manager and even the Windows Key, so there’s no way to close the login screen.

The application has a built-in timer that you can configure and set your PC to lock itself after a certain time period. Of course, you can assign a keyboard shortcut and use it to instantly lock your PC if you want. Chris PC-Lock will create an icon in your tray bar allowing you to easily lock your PC with just a couple of clicks. If you want, you can even hide the tray icon and make your PC lockable only by using the keyboard shortcut.

As for the lock screen, you can customize it with various wallpapers or slideshows, and you can even use your own pictures. As for customization, you can make your lock screen wallpaper transparent if you want to.

Chris PC-Lock is a simple application, with humble features and humble user interface. Unfortunately, the application isn’t free, but it comes with a trial period of 21 days.

Download Chris PC-Lock from the official website

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Lock My PC 4

laptop locker software

Another solid laptop locker software that we want to show you is Lock My PC 4. This application is available in two versions, Free and Business, and the two share many features. The first feature is the keyboard lock that will prevent unauthorized users from using your PC.

The application also allows you to lock your PC with a hotkey, or by clicking the lock icon. Of course, auto lock feature is also available if your PC has been idle for some time. The application can also lock your PC right after user login or after startup.

Lock My PC 4 will also lock your DVD drive, so users won’t be able to insert any discs and try to unlock the PC. The application works with multiple monitors, and it can turn off your PC if it has been locked for a certain time.

It’s worth mentioning that application itself is protected by a password so users won’t be able to change settings or quit the application. Speaking of settings, Lock My PC 4 also supports command line settings which can be useful to advanced users.

As for customization, the application supports custom lock screens, screen saving effects, slideshows, and transparency.

The Free version has all the aforementioned features, but it has a couple of limitations. For starters, the Free version doesn’t have a keyboard driver. This means that users can use keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+Alt+Del. If you want to prevent users from doing so, you’ll have to purchase the Business version.

The Business version also supports installation for multiple users, so each user on the PC will have a different password. This version will also create a log file, so you can easily keep track of login attempts. Lastly, the Business version supports advanced authentication options, which might come in handy.

Overall, Lock My PC 4 is solid laptop locker software. The Free version is solid if you want to protect your PC from less tech-savvy users, but if you want full protection, you’ll have to purchase the Business version.

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laptop locker software

If you’re looking for a laptop locker software that offers additional protection, then Predator might be just what you need. Unlike previous entries on our list, this application requires a USB flash drive in order to work, and as long as the USB device is connected to your PC, your PC will be unlocked.

As soon as you remove your flash drive, the screen will go dark and your keyboard and mouse will become disabled. There are two versions available, Home and Professional, and we’re going to cover the features of the Home version first.

The Predator can protect several PC with the same USB flash drive, which can be quite useful if you use multiple PCs. It’s also worth mentioning that this application can work with multiple user accounts.

The application has a detailed log, so you can see all login attempts to your PC even if you’re away. It’s worth mentioning that the application has an alarm feature that will activate after an unsuccessful login attempt.

Predator can start automatically with your PC, and it can even disable CD/DVD autorun. The application has a scheduler feature, so you can easily limit the computer usage. It also worth mentioning that there’s a Safe Mode protection feature, so users won’t be able to access Safe Mode and gain access to the PC.

As for the Professional edition, this version has slideshow protection, as well as the ability to take pictures after an unsuccessful login attempt. It can even send pictures over FTP or via email. It’s worth mentioning that this version supports custom commands, which might be useful to advanced users.

Another feature that is missing from the Home version is the ability to disable Task Manager. This is an especially useful feature since it will prevent users from disabling Predator software using Task Manager.

Predator is a great laptop locker software, but in order to use it, you’ll need a spare USB flash drive. The application is available for a free trial, but since the price difference between Home and Professional version is almost negligible, we recommend you to try the Professional version for maximum protection.

Download Predator Professional Edition

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Desktop Lock

laptop locker software

Another laptop locker software that we want to show you is Desktop Lock. This application will completely lock your system and block your keyboard and mouse making unauthorized users unable to use your PC at all.

It’s worth mentioning that this application can’t be stopped in Task Manager, so there’s no way to disable it, except for entering the correct password or keyboard shortcut. The application allows you to lock your PC while keeping a single application open, allowing the users to use that application. For example, you can lock your PC with your media player open, and users won’t be able to use any other application except the media player.

Of course, you can also open programs and documents in read-only mode and prevent users from making any changes. Lock screen supports various customization, and it can show your screensaver, your desktop, picture or even a video or audio file.

As for the locking, the application supports the lock hotkey, but it also has a scheduling feature that allows you to lock your PC at a specific time automatically. Of course, you can also lock your PC when idle if you want.

To unlock your PC you can use a password or a keyboard shortcut, but you can also use a sequence of mouse clicks. In addition, the application supports USB unlocking, so you can unlock your PC with a specific USB flash drive and lock it automatically after removing the USB drive.

Overall, Desktop Lock has great features, and it’s a useful tool that will secure your laptop. The application has all the necessary features, so we recommend to try it out.

Download Desktop Lock



laptop locker software

If you’re not a fan of third-party solutions, then BitLocker might be just what you need. This is an encryption feature, and it was part of Windows since Windows Vista. As we mentioned, this tool provides encryption and it can encrypt an entire hard drive or just a specific directory.

Since your files are encrypted, they can’t be read even if your laptop is stolen, which is a major plus if you’re trying to protect sensitive data. As for the security, you can protect your PC using a PIN or a password, or if you want extra protection, you can use a USB flash drive for authorization.

If needed, you can even combine two or more encryption methods to provide maximum protection. BitLocker might be a bit more complex to use than our previous entries, and it will take you some time to encrypt your entire system drive, but your files will be completely protected even if your laptop is stolen. BitLocker available for free in all versions of Windows, so if you want to protect your laptop, BitLocker might be perfect for you.


Laptop locker software can easily protect your PC from unauthorized access, but which tool offers the best protection? If you want an application that provides solid protection with several unlock methods, then Desktop Lock might be perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you want to keep your files protected even if your laptop gets stolen, BitLocker is a built-in and free solution that will keep your files protected at all times.