Windows 10 Build 14383 causes periodic PC freezes due to drive write failures

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Soon after build 14383 was launched, users began to flood Microsoft’s forum reporting various issues they encountered after download. This comes as a surprise for us as the previous builds were quite stable, with users reporting only minor bugs. Judging by the number of thread views, this time it appears that the issues reported are not isolated cases.

One of the most impactful issues plaguing build 14383 is related to periodic PC freezes caused by drive write failures. The freezes are pretty annoying as they last between 20 to 40 seconds, completely preventing Insiders from using their computers.

I just clean installed windows 10 build 14383 on my main rig. Everything is working as expected except that i am having periodic freezes […]. When it freezes, the hdd activity indicator light stays on solid until it unfreezes, and windows and applications become unresponsive.[…]

I checked event log and found a lot of warnings with event id 508, pointing to windows taking abnormally long to write to the ssd. I am thinking this may be a ssd incompatibility issue.

Despite the various workarounds used, like the disabling of Fast Startup and third-party programs and clean installing Windows 10, the issue continues to persist.

The Insider who first reported this issues also added that the bug occurred only on his computer, as his laptop also running build 14383 worked normally.

So far, Microsoft’s Support Team hasn’t issued any comments regarding this issue and the solutions suggested by the other Insiders haven’t help at all.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as new information is available on the topic.

Have you encountered the same issue on your computer or is everything running fine on your device?


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