Latest Windows update consuming CPU and overheats PCs

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Users have taken to forums and social media to express their frustration since the latest Windows update.
  • It appears that their PCs are overheating and consuming high CPU causing them to force stop widgets but the problem still persists.
  • Microsoft has yet to address the issue or offer a temporary workaround yet.
windows 11 update error

Windows 11 has had its own fair share of issues since its launch and it doesn’t seem that the problems are ending anytime soon.

If you recall, Microsoft had a problematic patch Tuesday that had to be recalled and later reinstated because of the number of issues.

Microsoft widgets task has been in a high CPU load (as it does not properly close after use) and this causes laptops to run very hot and cause a significant drain of the battery.

Overheating and high CPU usage

If you have noticed high CPU usage and overheating in your PC after installing Windows 11 Update, you’re not alone. Many users have run into this issue after the latest update.

High CPU usage and overheating are often the result of a misbehaving application. The first thing you should do is close any programs that you’re not using. 

The issue was spotted by a number of users who have posted complaints on social media platforms, mentioning that the latest update has been causing high CPU usage, resulting in overheating and performance issues.

Further, even if you are able to kill the process through Task Manager, it appears that the process immediately restarts again in a loop.

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Beta and Release channels affected

The problem appears to be prevalent in the Beta and Release channels and the CPU usage goes up to 100%.

According to this Reddit user, there was too much CPU usage they had to force close the widgets in the task manager.

At the moment, users are advising each other to force stop from the task manager but it seems that it is an unending loop so it can be frustrating.

If you are yet to update, this is your sign to hold off until Microsoft gives an official statement.

Have you experienced any issues with the latest Windows 11 update? Let us know in the comment section below.