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Do you love to sing and are looking for software for learning how to sing? Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, and you just want to sing better, you’re in for a real treat, because this article lists some of the best software for learning how to sing, so you can both enjoy the moment, and improve on your vocals in no time.

Like any other skill, singing requires regular practice and it has a lot of room for improvement. Most great artists are also regularly looking for new techniques for singing and better voice control, as they work on the perfect pitch, tone and time to hit the high notes.


However, becoming an accomplished singer isn’t a walk in the park – it takes time – but you can hear your improvements within a few lessons of starting the practice.

These software for learning how to sing also help you learn the correct and basic methods to build your singing expertise, correct bad habits from lack of training, develop your potential, access professional lessons, protect your cords from strain, develop a personal singing style, and enjoy training at your own time and schedule.

When looking for the best software for learning how to sing, consider one that matches your learning style, is affordable for you, is easy to understand yet thorough, has a variety of features for learning success, has written and audio materials for studying, is appropriate for your level of experience, provides several warm up exercises, and offers voice feedback that lets you know about your singing and areas of improvement.


Learn how to sing with these Windows 10 tools


Singing Method (recommended)


With this software for learning how to sing, you get more than 230 step by step lessons to grow from beginner to pro in no time, over a variety of genres including folk, pop, jazz, classical, opera voice, and R&B, as well as show tunes.

Features include a live piano performance, MIDI file versions, over 80 complete songs with hits from great all-time musicians like John Lennon and Diana Ross among others, interactive feedback so you can see if you’re singing in tune or not, as well as a performance evaluation mode for specific feedback on mistakes, and your overall score.

Another feature is the progress tracking with personalized reports so you can gauge and measure your improvement as you learn how to sing, plus a built-in metronome, interactive ear training, and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Also included is an expert vocal teacher who has over two decades experience in music education.

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This is the most comprehensive software for learning how to sing, and is also the first and only fully mobile vocal training and lessons program that works from any device – tablet, phone, laptop and desktop computer.

It is easy to use, and helps you increase your vocal range, power, tone and pitch, or just warm up for a show, practice your songs, and train with vocal coaches so you can sing stronger and with a connected voice, learn pitch and harmony, plus much more.

Among the tasks you can fulfill with this software include pitch training, store recordings for your warm ups or workouts and evaluations in the vocal journal, practice alone, record your songs and share with friends and teachers using the vocal recorder, and access a library of training and video tutorials that are fun and informative so you can learn vocal technique, health and performance.

Its key features include a spectrogram analysis tool, pitch training program, online vocal lessons and training, karaoke and key change exporter, how to videos, access to vocal experts, and an e-library for artist development.




This software for learning how to sing lets you see your voice via your computer screen, and uses pitch analysis algorithms to give you results as you sing via a variety of displays, which show aspects of your voice.

You not only get to sing better using this vocal training software, but also see acoustic characteristics of your voice as you sing and listen to it as it is replayed. This is good for practice as it shows how you are maintaining pitch, volume or vocal color.

The tool gives you real-time visual feedback on your pitch and vocal timbre, showing you what your voice actually does as you sing, and you can check up on your loudness, vibrato or overtones.

Its virtual keyboard also lets you play by clicking keys with your mouse or using keyboard shortcuts so if you don’t have a piano or keyboard to help you practice singing, this comes in handy for a pitch cue.

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If you want to learn how to sing while learning theory and comprehensive ear-training, this is the best software for learning how to sing for any singer, whether newbie or pro.

The tool comes with two main courses with more than 2000 exercises you can use to sight sing, train you rears, and rhythmic studies from beginner to advanced stages, and as you progress, it raises the difficulty level automatically to match your skills.

You can easily track your progress while noting your areas of strength and/or those that need improvements, and review results by lesson or by day, then customize the lessons to work on the weak areas.

This tool is used by thousands of music schools worldwide, with music theory, ear training and musicianship courses at most levels.

It also features EarMaster Cloud, a solution that gives both students and teachers access on any device, plus share assignments and sync results over the cloud.

You can choose to use the unlimited free version with the first lessons of the beginner’s course and customized interval identification exercises plus chord identification, or progress and upgrade to the Pro version to unlock more features.

Other features include a mic test assistant, revised general and jazz workshops, revised lesson introduction screen, instrumental profiles, tempo presets, advanced statistics, voice detection algorithm, on-screen instruments like piano/guitar/bass/violin/cello/banjo and more, and interactive courses that cover all music theory fundamentals.

Ready to learn how to sing? Or do you have a software for learning how to sing that you’re using currently? Share with us in the comments section below.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.