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  • Since we all have different reasons for using planner software, you can find here some of the best life planning software for Windows PCs.
  • Below you can find a tool to plan all your short and long-term goals in an orderly and efficient way.
  • Another program allows you to add events, meetings and appointments as well as to-do lists.
  • You can also sync your information with Google services and import data from different apps.
life planner software

Staying organized and focused on a list of activities can be strenuous and frustrating. It could feel like the workload is becoming heavier which can become a daily struggle.

Productivity and planner software has gained importance as it helps streamline activities making milestones achievable. Furthermore, life planner software is available on both PC and mobile devices. According to a survey carried out, many believe in utilizing mobile planners since the mobile phone is portable to carry around than a computer.

Nevertheless, there are hundreds of productivity applications that can remedy this situation by making corroboration easier and more organized. It has become essential to plan daily, weekly, or monthly depending on how disciplined you can be.

The right life planner software can be confusing to choose from as there are many options available online. You can find here the best life planner software for Windows PCs.

What is the best life planner software for Windows PCs?


There are plenty of us out there that love to plan things out in a more visual manner. If that is the case, then setting your goals has never been easier than if you get Goalscape.

This amazing tool lets you plan out all of your short-term and long-term goals in a neat and efficient manner, using great-looking graphs and colors.

Bringing order and clarity into your life has never been this enjoyable, as the graphs somewhat resemble those in mind-mapping tools.

Set individual goals and link them together to get a better understanding of what you need to focus on, and what aspect to improve first and foremost with this amazing tool.

It allows you to break down big challenges into manageable slices, without losing the big picture overview. Goalscape also makes sharing goals really easy and supports goal-focused communication with anyone who helps you to achieve your plans.



Note down, filter, and track the progress of your life goals and achievements with just a couple of clicks, in a simple and clean interface.
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AnyTime Organizer Deluxe

AnyTime Organizer Deluxe rounds up our top five life planner software and is included due to its ease of use and features. This life planner software is relatively cheaper than Efficcess is but contains extensive features and options.

Setting up events is easy with its calendar whereby you can drop events into appropriate dates and times. Reminders can also be created to give prompts on events while the program can also send a reminder mail to your inbox. Recurring events such as anniversaries, weekly meetings, and birthdays can be set using the recurring events tool.

In addition, the address book helps store contact information and provides maps such as Google Maps which can help identify contact locations. The organizer also has a budget template that keeps track of expenses which is a cool feature.

The word processor comes in handy for taking notes or as a diary. You can sync your information to Google services and import data from different apps such as Outlook and Lotus Organizer.

Anytime Organizer Deluxe’s major limitation is the lack of cloud services integration, nevertheless, it is a cool planning software. 

AnyTime Organizer Deluxe

All the powerful tools you need to organize your personal and professional life are at the tip of your fingers.
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C-Organizer Pro

C-Organizer integrates different features making it a multipurpose life planner software. This life planner software is relatively small in size and easy to scale through with its smooth user interface, which makes it easy for a beginner to locate various features and tools.

Looking at its options which include an address book, password manager, task lists, and an embedded word processor, C-Organizer takes a different route from Organizer Pro.

To set up a schedule is relatively easy and events such as meetings, birthdays, and appointments can be planned using the planner. In addition, the organizer has a notification mechanism that sends a mail to your inbox reminding you of opening events. The reminder settings can also be configured to display onscreen alerts reminding you of events.

You can access a to-do list that can be used to highlight tasks and can be broken down into subtasks. Priority can be given to each task which helps you ascertain which task needs urgent attention. Furthermore, an address book helps you store contact information with advanced features added such as a profile picture for contacts as well as a description of contacts.

The word processor on C-Organizer is pleasantly surprising as you can use it to take notes or convert to a diary. Security is also taken seriously with the personal information manager feature that helps keep passwords safe. You can store your passwords and login details of your favorite websites and applications securely.

C-Organiser offers synchronization options, as you can sync to different cloud services such as Dropbox. It also integrates well with Google services and can sync to Mobile devices running the Windows O.S.

The major limitation of C-Organiser is the lack of phone support service as only email support is available. Despite this C-Organiser Pro is a comprehensive life organizer software with its sync options making it more than just the basic planner software.

C-Organizer Pro

Daily planner, events calendar, contacts list, password manager and notes – all in one single, easy-to-use activity manager program.
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Efficcess is one of our favorite life planner software as it contains extensive features and is compatible with multiple platforms. It comes with a similar interface such as the popular MS Outlook which enables users to familiarize themselves when navigating through the software. Furthermore, you can change the interface color and theme from the organizing tools menu.

In addition, you can set up appointments, events, and schedules quickly with a single click. Also, custom reminders can be set in advance for events, while the popular drag and drop mechanism is also used to schedule events on the calendar.

The to-do list feature enables you to assign tasks according to o priority level which moves the most important task to the top. A word processor and journal are available for keeping notes.

Efficcess is mobile compatible and comes with both Android and iOS applications. This makes collaboration easy as you can sync between PC and Smartphone keeping you updated on both fronts.

Its major limitation is the lack of a budget template which is a feature in most life planner software. Despite this, Efficcess is a software that we recommend due to its simplicity and cross-compatibility features and costs.

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life organizing software

This online platform called Todoist is basically a life planner and its main purpose is to help people achieve their biggest projects. You can thus organize all day within this software and always know your tasks and future events.

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that people around the world finished 1.5 billion tasks with this tool, and accomplished important life goals using this solution. Then you can better manage your projects and fulfill any objective you want.

Furthermore, this tool offers intuitive services that are incredibly useful to organize your day. For example, setting up today’s current tasks, adding subtasks, prioritizing activities with labels, upcoming events, and so on.

It practically offers all the needed features you should use in order to achieve many tasks or keep track of bigger projects you have.

More so, you can stay rested due to the daily activities overview, plus the quick add task option and recurring due dates. Then again, you stay focused because of priority levels that will indicate the most important tasks.

It is possible to also delegate a large workload to your colleagues and enhance productivity to see the results faster. Even if you need to use sharing tasks for business needs or personal life, you are covered for collaboration calls. Plus, you can use boards to create and assign tasks to see the big picture.

With that being said, such a strong life planner solution gives you the chance to manage all the duties efficiently and personalize your to-do list like no other.

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MSD Organizer

MSD Organizer is one of the top life planner software with its comprehensive features and synchronization capabilities among the best in the market. planning is made easy and the option to sync with Google Calendar is a nice one.

MSD Organizer is designed to make scaling easy as you can access its menu within the interactive interface. Events such as appointments, anniversaries, and birthdays can be set with the calendar feature. The drag and drop feature makes this easy as you simply drag the event to the appropriate date and time. Custom reminders can also be created to prompt at intervals close to the event.

An address book is provided with extensive functionality letting users save the contact information. What makes it stand out is the ability to attack histories, spreadsheets, and multimedia files.   Furthermore, the planner offers extra tools to take care of your professional life.

This includes health records, music organizers, budget templates, and property organizers giving you more control over a more aspects of your affairs

The personal information manager is also more advanced and users can access the to-do list whereby tasks can be assigned. The progress of tasks is provided by the task manager which reveals additional information inputted on the task. MSD Organizer initiates backups for your data. The synchronization option is a key feature for any planner software and C-Organizer has extensive sync options.

This life planner software supports synchronization to cloud services such as Google services and files can be imported to DropBox and Google Drive.

Get MSD Organizer

If you haven’t used a life planner tool before, it’s time to use one. You know what they say: Not planning is planning to fail. It’s easy to lose track of time and important tasks in today’s world which is drowning in information.

A good life planning software helps you to identify the important things in your life and find the time and energy to focus on them.

Have you made use of any of the life planner software we mentioned above? Feel free to let us know by commenting below.

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