5 Ways to add links on Instagram photo

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Being able to add links to your Instagram posts and profile can make a big difference when it comes to profile engagement.
  • To start, you can add links to your profile's Bio section by accessing your profile settings.
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5 Ways to add links on Instagram photo

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The question of how to put links in Instagram photos is vital because Instagram is incredibly popular with marketers. It creates a visual way to showcase your products and services while engaging your audience.

However, after showing off your organization’s content, how do you convert your profile visitors to website visitors, buyers, or leads?

You have to learn how to put links in your Instagram photos and videos. Read this article to the end, as we’ll show you five ways to do this free of charge.

How do I put links on Instagram photos?

1. Add the link to your bio


The first place your profile visitors look is your bio. It is visible to everyone, even if your Instagram account is private. You can see the bio link as a base link where users should click to learn more about you or your organization.

Some users use links to their most recent content, hence change their bio links frequently. Others prefer to link to a specific page on their website or app and leave it at that.

There are benefits and disadvantages of both link strategies; hence, your choice depends on what outcome you desire.

If you want both, you can use a link service. They create a link for you to put in your bio, and clickers are directed to a page with various relevant links on your website.

Link services give you customization options to let the linked page match your brand design.

2. Insert the link in your Instagram stories


Instagram shows your timeline posts to only a fraction of your followers. Whereas, the application delivers your stories to every one of your followers.

For this strategy to work, your story has to catch your followers’ interest. It should also include a clear call-to-action that instructs viewers to swipe up.

Stories on Instagram last for a max of 15 seconds and disappear after 24 hours, so you have only a small window to make an impression.

Alternatively, you can also pin your IG stories with evergreen links to the highlights of your profile permanently.

To insert links in your Instagram stories, you must have at least 10,000 followers or a verified account. When done correctly, IG story links can be massively beneficial to B2C brands.

3. Use short links in post captions

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Links you insert in your captions are not clickable, and that’s why brands look for other ways to link to their website or app.

However, your timeline posts and their captions are still some of the most viewed content on your account.

Note that this strategy needs your followers to type the link into their browsers manually.

Therefore, pasting your content link in your image or video captions is effective only when the link is either short or memorable. If your link is long, you can use a link shortener.

4. Use Instagram Shoppable stories and posts


Thanks to Instagram Shoppable posts, you can now embed links on your posts directly. If you’re not sure what Shoppable posts are, look out for posts with a shopping bag icon.

On tapping posts with this icon, you see a little popup saying Tap to view products. When you tap this message, it redirects you to the linked page or product.

You can add multiple product links to a single post. On the part of your customers, they’ll have a smooth transition from your post to the linked product.

Hence, with engaged audiences, this is a highly effective linking method.

5. Link using IG ads


While users search for how to put links in Instagram photos, Instagram already has a solution for this through. If you’ve used Facebook ads or other advertising services, you can use Instagram ads.

When you pay Instagram and publish an ad, you get to put your link directly below the photo you promote.

For this, your link has to be relevant to the promoted content. Instagram also lets you customize the button to match your design and the content.

If you have video content, IGTV allows you to insert clickable links directly in the video description. You’ve now learned how to put links in Instagram photos and videos. Is there any other method you use? Do let us know in the comments below.

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