Linux Mint apparently runs better than Windows 11 on Surface devices

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Do you own a Surface laptop and are unhappy with how it runs Windows 11?
  • Users that have already tried it are proposing a much smoother alternative.
  • We're, of course, talking about running Linux Mint on these Surface devices.
  • Apparently, this OS runs much better than Windows 10 or 11 on these gadgets.
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Sure, a lot has been said about Microsoft’s latest operating system in these last few months, and a lot has also been done by developers, to make it a much more stable experience.

However, there are those that don’t agree with the tech giant’s OS choices and would rather use alternatives such as Linux instead.

But Microsoft made a big deal about how smooth Windows 10 or Windows 11 run on their very own Surface devices.

Is that so, though? Are the Surface machines made to only run Microsoft operating systems smoothly, or is it just a ploy to make us buy more laptops and tablets?

Recently, users actually confirm that Linux Mint runs way better on Surface laptops than the OS they were designed for in the first place.

Surface machines run Linux better than Windows 10 or 11

No, it isn’t a joke, people took it upon themselves to try it and the results are actually better than what was initially expected from this experiment.

Furthermore, users that have been using Surface devices since for graphics and work state that there is always something wrong with them.

They are referring to either Windows OS-specific problems or questionable hardware configurations choices made by Microsoft.

Regardless of the motivation that drove some to leave Windows 11 behind in favor of Linux, on Microsoft-designed laptops and tablets, the result is the same.

Most of the users that saw and responded to this post agree with what has been said and actually share from their own similar experiences.

Apparently, many Windows fans who own Surface gadgets have made this interesting transition instead of simply buying a Mac device because of compatibility issues and, most importantly, performance.

When asked why not Apple instead of Linux Mint, the answers were always the same: no touch screen support, no native pen support, and the lack of other important features or software.

The Marvell wifi adapter caused me so many problems on the Pro 3, Surface Studio and SurfaceBook 2 running Windows. Even today, it’s wonky on the Surface Studio, never being quite as stable as it should have been. I was able to get the Pro 3 wifi stable after upgrading to a SurfaceLinux kernel and Wifi has been good on the Book2 after the Mint upgrade. Funny thing is touch screen and pen functions were working without the new kernel on the Pro 3, but I made the switch regardless as it just made sense to me considering Mint is running on a Surface. After upgrade, Wifi has been good on the Pro 3.

It’s interesting to see just how many Windows users who own Surface laptops will make this transition and, more importantly, what will the Redmond-based tech company do about this conundrum.

We saw Windows 11 work just fine on a wide array of gadgets, from smartphones to NUCs, to foldable machines, but Linux is apparently a bigger threat to the new OS than anybody thought until now.

So, if you bought a brand new Surface laptop or a tablet and you’re not very happy with how the traditional operating system performs, maybe you can give this a try.

Have you ever tried installing Linux on your Surface laptop? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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