Windows Live Mail is not downloading messages? Try this

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by Vlad Turiceanu
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Windows Live Mail downloading messages error

If you ever tried using Windows Live Mail and noticed that it stopped downloading messages, you are not alone.

While some users don’t quit complaining about Windows Live Mail downloading thousands of old emails in their Inbox, not getting new messages from the IMAP server is daunting as well.

Outgoing messages seem to work just fine, but you cannot say the same for downloading new messages.

Unfortunately, this is an issue that can severely affect your workflow. That is precisely why we’ve created this step-by-step guide so that you can finally fix this issue.

What can I do if Live Mail doesn’t download new messages?

1. Open a firewall port

how to open a firewall port

Your firewall sometimes needs to be told to allow a program to communicate with the network. Otherwise, it could be blocking ports (usually port 25).

Windows Firewall generally allows this port, unless specifically told not to do so. To make sure of that, you can manually allow Windows Live Mail to get access to the Internet by opening a firewall port.

Need help with opening a port on your firewall? Check out this guide for detailed instructions.

2. Disable antivirus

deactivate antivirus

Are you sure that your 3rd party antivirus tool doesn’t do the same? Access to the Internet is often tricky, so temporarily deactivating the antivirus helps to further isolate the issue.

3. Check POP and server settings

POP and IMAP settings

While this is a long shot, you might want to consider verifying your server settings. Some Windows Live Mail users also describe how checking POP and server settings helped them, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

4. Re-sync your Windows Live Mail account

Windows Live Mail account

  1. Remove the account from Windows Live Mail
  2. Next, right-click on the account displayed on the folder pane
  3. Click on the Remove account option
  4. Confirm by clicking on Yes
  5. Right-click on the account shown in the folder pane
  6. Hit the options that says Download all folders
    • You have to wait for a few minutes until Windows Live Mail downloads all your folders and email headers
  7. Check the folders have been downloaded successfully
    • Return to Step 1 if they are not downloaded
  8. Click on Send and Receive button
    • All your emails will be synced to Windows Live Mail
  9. Wait until Windows Live Mail has finished the email syncing process.

Another way to make Windows Live Mail start downloading messages again is to re-sync the Windows Live Mail account.

Before deleting a mailbox in Windows Live Mail, keep in mind that it’s wise to move all downloaded messages into another folder. That way the messages will remain in the email program even after deleting the mailbox.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to check them out.


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