Microsoft Azure is unintentionally hosting malware sites

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Phishing scams are common these days. Such scams targetted services such as Dropbox, Amazon’s web services, and Google Drive in the past. 

A team of researchers recently identified tech support scams targetting Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform. Security researchers named JayTHL and MalwareHunterTeam spotted around 200 sites that were involved in tech support scams.

Notably, all of these sites used the Azure App Services platform for hosting.

The researchers reported another phishing attempt that deceived users by using the Office 365 Team name. The scammers warned users that their account is suspiciously deleting an unusual number of files.

This suggests to users that the Office 365 service is generating security alerts. Windows users are then advised to review security alerts with a legit request to login to their account.

A cybersecurity company AppRiver highlighted the fact that Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure still hosts such phishing sites.

Thankfully, Windows Defender blocked some websites but Microsoft needs to take serious action against all of them to prevent major potential damages.

Surprisingly, this tweet was followed by a series of tweets by MalwareHunterTeam reporting such malware sites.

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Report these scams asap

Thankfully Azure support team was quick to respond to the issue and recommended its users to report the scam.

We recommend that you report this scenario with our team. You can report this through  

It looks like Windows users are really annoyed by these scammers. One user responded to the tweet saying:

We detect lots of @onedrive #phishing links daily and not much appears to be being done about them

Microsoft published an article on the same issue and warned its users against the same tech support scams. The article explains how these scams work and lists some ways to protect your PC against such scams.

The company encouraged its users to report such incidents.



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