New redirect virus is pushing Bing to Microsoft Edge users

by Loredana Harsana
Loredana Harsana
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  • If you are constantly redirected from Edge to Bing, rest assured that this isn’t only happening to you.
  • You are most likely infected with some sort of a browser redirect virus, so it’s time to take action.
  • In order to remove it efficiently, refer to the below tips and visit this Antivirus Software section too.
  • Moreover, try to stay away from similar threats by taking a closer look at our Web Browsers Hub.
Microsoft Edge may try to redirect you fixes

Users describe encountering a similar situation in the past few days – their Microsoft Edge browser tries to redirect them to Bing.

They see messages such as Connecting to, Processing request or Waiting for in the browser status bar. Instead of blaming the browser itself, users should take into consideration the following scenario.

It is perfectly normal for a site to redirect a browser to another location. However, if your web browser is constantly redirected to Bing, then you are most likely infected with some sort of a browser redirect virus.

For security reasons, you should better act fast and rid of this browser hijacker virus. The purpose of this redirect to Bing is obvious; here’s what one user said:

It sounds like you have a redirect virus that gets money by making you use Bing.

How to remove redirect virus?

Vipre Antivirus

Web browser redirects are typically caused by adware programs, browser extensions, addons, as well as various types of malware.

These unwanted programs are either installed manually or come bundled with free programs that you happen to download from the Internet.

To terminate such programs that may redirect you to Bing from Microsoft Edge, you should give a try to Vipre Antivirus.

This award-winning security tool will search your computer for active malware infections and attempt to terminate them so that they won’t interfere with your browsing activities any longer.

If you deal with a stubborn malware that intends to stay, do note that Vipre is known for more than just malware scanning and removal.

This antivirus includes real-time threat intelligence and free customer support for malware remediation into the package as well.

Vipre Antivirus Plus

Vipre Antivirus Plus

In addition to making your forget all about your browser redirect virus, Vipre includes free support and it's simple to use!

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Moreover, since you’re using Microsoft Edge, another quick solution involves returning to the original settings. Do so instead of letting the malware developers receive huge commissions.

Have the above tips worked for you? Don’t hesitate to share your experience of constantly being redirected to Bing in the comments area below.

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