How to blur backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

Matthew Adams
by Matthew Adams
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Microsoft Teams is a messaging app for Windows, iOS, and Android devices. In 2018, Microsoft added a new blurrged background feature to Teams. That’s a great feature for video calls that enables users to blur their backgrounds. Thus, users can essentially join their video meetings without any silly backgrounds.

There are some system requirements for Teams’ blurred background effect. The effect needs hardware with an Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (AVX2) processor. Users with hardware that don’t incorporate Advanced Vector Extensions 2 processors will not be able to utilize the blurred background effect in Teams. Teams users will also need an Office 365 subscription.

How can Users Blur Backgrounds in MS Teams?

  1. First, open the Teams app, which is a pretty essential (and perhaps obvious) step.
  2. Select a scheduled meeting to join in Teams. Note that it’s essential for the meeting to be a scheduled one.
  3. Press the Join button, which will open the video settings shown directly teams how to blur background
  4. Then toggle the middle slider option to activate background blur. That should blur the background in the video before users select to join the meeting.
  5. Press the Join now button.
  6. Users can still blur videos’ backgrounds after joining meetings. To do that, click the dots button to open a menu as in the snapshot directly below.Blur my background option microsoft teams how to blur background
  7. Click the Blur my background option.
  8. Users can remove the blurred background effect by clicking the button and selecting the Don’t blur background option.

That’s all users need to do to enable the blurred background effect in Microsoft Teams. Some users might consider blurred backgrounds to be more of a gimmick, but they might sometimes come in handy for video calls.