Microsoft To-Do App multiple account support is now available for users

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Microsoft To-do app on Windows 10 now supports the most awaited feature “signing in with multiple accounts“.

The new feature helps users to use both of their work and personal accounts on the go by keeping their data separate. Currently, the feature is restricted to just Windows Insiders. 

Although this is a major change, Microsoft has not released any changelog for the updated Microsoft’s To-Do app version 1.51.2505.0. You can use the hamburger menu to identify the account that is currently being used as it shows your email address.

However, switching between accounts is just a few clicks away by using the drop-down menu. The feature comes as a lifesaver for those who have to constantly keep up with personal tasks and work.

Multiple account support was a high in demand feature

The feature was high is demand from Windows users as a similar feature was officially announced by Microsoft last year in December. An official announcement was made on Microsoft To-do’s Twitter handle.

“Movies we should watch together”, “Chores” or that “New job search” list —scared of accidentally sharing a list with your boss? We now support multiple accounts on Android (update 1.45), so you can keep your personal life separate from your work life.

The feature allowed the users to switch between different accounts the same way as it was being done in other Microsoft apps. Users are able to use the hamburger menu to view the account they are currently using to sign in.

The top of the menu featured the profile icon and email address and the drop-down menu is used to switch between accounts. 

Microsoft is also working on the new task manager app. The tech giant has not yet shared any details regarding the mass rollout of the feature.

It seems like iOS will still have to wait for a couple of months to the feature to be available in the app. Microsoft’s To-Do app for Windows is now available on Windows Store



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