Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter app [Download & Use]

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Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter app

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Microsoft’s Wireless Display Adapter is a very useful tool that allows you to connect your Windows 10 device to a TV screen, monitor or projector. In other words, you can use it to stream movies, view photos, or display a presentation on a big screen without using any cables.

The wireless adapter works by sharing audio and visual content from Miracast-enabled devices with up to a 23-foot range.

Download the Wireless Display Adapter app

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

In order to properly use the adapter, you also need to download the Wireless Display Adapter app from the Microsoft Store.

The app downloads and installs the latest firmware updates for the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and allows users to tweak settings.

How to use the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter app on Windows 10

You can use this app to name the adapter, adjust the screen, change the TV or monitor language, set a password to lock the adapter so that nobody can use it without your accept, change adapter pairing mode and more.

Once you launch the app, a pop-up message will appear on the screen asking you to help Microsoft improve the next version of the software. More specifically, you can choose to send Microsoft information about your system and how you use the software. The company pledges to respect user data privacy.

Help improve wireless adapter app

Plug the USB and HDMI from the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter into your big screen device.

You can then connect your Windows 10 computer to your big screen. Go to Action Center, select Connect. Your computer will start searching for wireless display and audio devices. Select the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.

search wireless devices windows 10

If the adapter fails to connect, go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth and other devices > Add a device > select Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.

You can then go to Adapter Settings and name the adapter, select the language and adjust the screen. You can also secure your device and set a password to prevent unauthorized access.

If you want to install the latest updates for Microsoft’s Wireless Display Adapter, simply navigate to Firmware and check for updates.

update microsoft wireless adapter

If you want to refresh the connection, you can select the ‘Restart Adapter’ option available in the left-hand corner.

There you go, we hope that this quick guide helped you connect your Windows 10 computer to a bigger display device.

In case you experience any issues using this app, check out the troubleshooting guide below:

You can buy the Wireless Display Adapter from Amazon.


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