Middle-Earth: Shadow of War leaked much to fan delight

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Those that loved Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor should prepare for a real kicker: a sequel to the game was leaked and is slated to be released in the near future. The new game’s details were leaked by Target and makes it clear that it will be arriving for Xbox One, although it is highly anticipated that PS4 and PC will also get some love.

A little backstory will help you appreciate it more

Those fascinated by the Lord of the Rings universe will definitely have a rewarding experience in both Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War. The game’s plot revolves around the main character Talion alongside the Elf Celebrimbor. The latter’s spirit has infiltrated the body of the ranger Talion and together they must work against the forces of evil and bring an entire army to its knees before it gets a chance to strike at Middle-Earth.

When the first game came out, many were thrilled because it filled some of the 60 year gap left between the Lord of the Rings and its prequel story The Hobbit.

New faces and features in every corner

The new expansion to the Shadow of Mordor universe will bring a lot of everything. That means new enemies and allies alike will help or try to stop the main character along with the new included playable character to go about their mission. With an orc army behind them, players must destroy fortresses and conquer new land all while deeply engaged with the iconic bad guys of the universe, Sauron and his wraith goons.

With a critical focus of forging a brand new Ring of Power, players will have a lot to juggle with throughout the game. This title also marks the return of the Nemesis system, which was critically acclaimed for the way it turned Shadow of Mordor into an all-around beloved game.

The difficult part starts now: players will have to wait quite a while before getting their hands on this title. It is slated for an August 22nd release, meaning that there’s a lot of time in between now and when it launches for more information to surface.


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