The best 6 point and click games for PC users

by Ivan Jenic
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The Point & Click genre is one of the oldest ones in the gaming industry. This type of games has been available since the mouse function was implemented in PC systems. And it is still alive and kicking with plenty of new games that offer a great point & click experience.

To make it clear, in this genre, gamers use only pointing devices to move the characters or solve puzzles. Point & Click games rely more on the slow story build up and great puzzle solving, rather than massive action sequences and adrenaline rush. Some of the best game stories ever created belong to this genre. Although, there are some exquisite modern games, this genre owns a lot of its popularity to some older titles that are still played today.

We’ve prepared a mixed list that unites both the new titles that revamped the genre, as well as older ones that made it popular in the first place.

Best Point and Click games for Windows

Deponia (suggested)

deponia windows game

This game should be the best example of how a good humor and witty dialogues can surpass the AAA titles that are concentrated on visuals and raw action. Add to that the complex characters and a good-written story and you got yourself an amazing experience. The story revolves around Rufus, a not so moral main protagonist, and his misadventures in an endeavor to escape from his native planet called Deponia. The Deponia is a garbage world so we all can agree: not the best place to live on. But, Rufus is willing to sacrifice everyone and everything to leave it behind.

Deponia is, as noted, a Point & Click adventure that is based on 2.5D levels. You interact with different objects, collect items and solve puzzles in order to advance through the plot line. While you advance through the plot line, Rufus is followed by great characters and even one love interest.

The first part has two more sequels and one parallel game that is last on the list introduced on 2015. This game is truly great and you will enjoy it for sure if you are the fan of the genre.

The Book of Unwritten Tales (suggested)

The Book of Unwritten Tales windows

If you are a fan of epic fantasy combined with point & click gameplay, this game will serve you justice. It is heavily influenced by Lord of The Rings, with amazing storytelling and diversity both with characters and locations. You take part in the search for an artifact of amazing power, the one that will give the upper hand in the war. Instead of playing with one main protagonist, there are 3 quite different ones with special traits. Gnome, human and she-elf. Gnome called Wilbur, human adventurer Nate, and elf princess Ivo embraces the dangerous quest to save the world.  On some occasions, you can control the fourth character called Critter, alien creature that accompanies Nate, human character.

Instead of playing with one main protagonist, there are 3 quite different ones with special traits. Gnome, human and she-elf. Gnome called Wilbur, human adventurer Nate, and elf princess Ivo embraces the dangerous quest to save the world.  On some occasions, you can control the fourth character called Critter, alien creature that accompanies Nate, human character.

The game challenges player trough series of puzzles in order to move through the storyline. Its completion time is about 20 hours. The best way to start is to first play prequel from 2012 and last the sequel from 2015. This way you ‘ll go through the game’s story and learn about its scenery.

The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition

The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition windows

Adventures of Guybrush Threepwood, a childish pirate wannabe, are the one of the best and most famous Point and Click 2D series ever created. The first game of the series was introduced in 1990, and it fundamentally revolutionized some of the in-game mechanics, while setting a high goal for humor, storytelling, and voice acting. The Secret of Monkey Island made such a break in the gaming world and gathered many followers, that Lucas Arts decided to make a Special Edition remake, back in 2009. Special Edition is true to the original game but with optimized graphics and sound, to make it more likable to the new generation of players.

The plot of The Secret of Monkey Island revolves around Guybrush Threepwood, a young man that aspires to become a pirate. He arrives at the Mêlée Island and gets himself in three trials in order to become a pirate. He is witty but childish and that gets him in plenty of funny situations. Game original introduced dialog tree and the cutscenes, with the great impact to a storyline.

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Just imagine a Jack Sparrow lookalike in his teenage years with all the mischiefs and funny moments, then add up beautiful graphics and scenario and you have yourself The Secret of Monkey Island in it full amazingness.

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars – Director’s Cut

The Shadow of the Templar windows

If any of the Point and Click 2D game enthusiasts are asked, this is the best, both standalone and series, game ever made. It is so great that most of the later created adventure games are heavily influenced by it. British studio Revolution Software truly made a revolution when it comes to puzzle-solving system and deciphering codes. The main protagonist is George Stobbart, an American tourist in Paris who eyewitnessed the bomb explosion in a small cafe. His curiosity makes him research evidence at the crime site and initiates a long adventure full of danger and mystery. He is accompanied with French journalist Nicole Collard.

By combining 2D design with logical, but challenging puzzles, this game is letting you deep into its mysterious nature and lets you resolve Templars secrets. Embark on the great voyage full of dark secrets and dangerous adventures. The original game has 4 sequels with one continuing the story of The Shadow of Templars. The second part, The Smoking Mirror, is a standalone game that also got remastered. All of them are amazing and worth playing regardless of the fact that they’re graphically underwhelming.

The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey windows

The Longest Journey is a Point and Click adventure game introduced in 1999. And the adventure truly is every part of this game. Placed in two quite different worlds, one subdued to a technological advancement and other magical and ancient, story follows April Ryan. April is an 18-year-old girl that has the ability to travel between those two worlds, Stark and Arcadia. She is tasked to return the balance between the two, or chaos will emerge. The gameplay revolves around puzzle-solving interactions placed in the beautiful graphic background. Good voice acting and brilliant dialogs and narration will involve the player in the storyline, similar to reading a book.

This game is acclaimed as genre-saver and has a large base of fans. April Ryan, young art student, ”shifter” and the main protagonist is one of the best female leading characters ever created. This game is a necessity if you are Point and Click fan. And a journey worth a while.

Telltale game series

minecraft telltale windows

Last on the list is not one game but the whole bunch of them created by the game studio from the US, Telltale Games. Popular culture keeps evolving, on a daily basis we are presented with different content in every possible way of creative art. But, just a few of the available books/TV shows/movies made themselves fun favorites and brought the stardom uprise to its creators.

Telltale Games studio turned those household titles into the interactive stories. That’s the main idea of all of their games: tell a story while holding onto the original plot and the characters. This approach is widely approved and it made a trademark in the modern adventures genre. All of their games based on TV shows/books/comics/games revolve around the episode digital distribution. You buy the game and then they update it episode by episode. This gives the game a nature of the series while integrating additional content and continuing the story frequently.

Most famous contemporary titles remade into games while holding on to original canon are:

All games are on – standard Point and Click adventure, since they have some prompted command buttons to emphasize some action sequences. It is just like you are watching your favorite characters in their well-known roles with an exception that you choose their actions.

Each of the games from the series is worth your time. Beautiful cartoon-like graphics and amazing storyline will make you impatient for the new episode.

We’ll end our list of the best Point & Click games here. We hope you’ll find a title that suits you perfectly, but have in mind that all of them are worth trying out. Once you do, you won’t be able to stop playing. What are your favorite representatives of this genre? Do you have any other to add to this list? Please tell us in the comments section.


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