Mix audio and video files with these 10+ best software tools

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Mixing audio and video together is probably the first type of video editing ever tried.
  • Despite being such a basic task, you need a very good tool if you want the end result to be impeccable.
  • For example, Adobe Premiere Pro is a perfect tool for this particular job, along with several other tools that we will be discussing below.
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11. Kate’s Video Toolkit

Another simple application that can help you mix audio and video files is Kate’s Video Toolkit. The application has a humble interface and it allows you to easily mix files. Using this tool you can play video files and adjust the volume or play rate of any video.

In addition, you can also see relevant information such as used codec, resolution, and frame rate.

The application also supports video conversion and you can easily convert your video to AVI, MPEG, WMV, DVD, VCD, and SVCD format. Each format supports advanced options so you can configure various parameters.

If you don’t want to convert an entire video, you can simply set start and end time to convert only a specific segment.

If needed, you can also join two or more video files and export them to one of the available formats. The application fully supports audio and video mixing and you can mix files with ease. The preview option is also available so you can see how your mixed video will look like.

In addition, you can easily mix two or more audio/video files. The application will remove the original audio and replace it with a new audio track, so keep that in mind. Once you’re done, you can save your file in one of the many available formats.

Lastly, the application allows you to create transitions and switch between different files. This feature supports only two videos, but it allows you to choose between 25 different transition effects. If needed, you can set the transition starting point and duration in seconds.

Kate’s Video Toolkit is a simple video editing application, and it allows you to convert, cut and join videos. In addition, you can also use this application to mix audio and video files.

This is a simple application, and it doesn’t offer any advanced features, so it might not be the best choice if you’re an advanced user. If you’re a basic user and you’re looking for a simple tool, this free application might be just what you need.

Download Kate’s Video Toolkit

12. Vidiot

Another application that can edit videos and help you mix audio and video is Vidiot. The application is a non-linear editor which means you can move any audio and video segments freely on the timeline.

The application has a simplistic interface and you can manage your projects and available files with ease. You can configure various options for your multimedia files including speed, opacity, and you can also crop them with ease.

Using this tool you can easily rotate or scale your videos, and you can even change their positions. If needed, you can also add video and audio keyframes.

The application can work as a video converter and it also supports trimming so you can easily remove the unnecessary segments. In addition, there’s support for titles and transitions as well.

The application offers multiple audio and video tracks so you can easily mix audio and video. If needed, you can also completely remove the original audio or combine the new audio track with the original one.

Vidiot is a solid application, and with its simple interface, it shouldn’t be too hard to use. The application feels a bit sluggish and that’s our only complaint. The application is completely free and portable, so it will work on any PC without an installation.

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