Want to move Taskbar to other monitor? Here’s how to do it

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Move taskbar to other monitor

There are situations in which having a multiple-monitor setup can be extremely useful, but many users don’t know how to move Taskbar to other monitor. By moving the Taskbar to the other monitor, you can organize your workspace better and get more space to work with.

The option to do this come ingrained in Windows 10 so that should not be a problem. The issue here is that the monitor settings can be confusing to some people. So here’s a step by step guide to help you move your Taskbar to the second monitor.


Note: Your multiple monitor setup needs to be already working to achieve these results.

How to move Taskbar to second screen?

  1. In order to achieve this result, we will first need to turn off the Taskbar from one of the screens.
  2. Right-click on your Taskbar, and make sure the Lock the Taskbar option is not activated.lock the taskbar move taskbar to second screen
  3. Next, we will need to right-click again on the Taskbar and choose Taskbar settings.taskbar settings move taskbar to other monitor
  4. Once the Taskbar settings window is opened, scroll down to the Multiple Displays section, and toggle the option Show taskbar on all displays to Offshow taskbar on all displays move taskbar to second monitor
  5. The effect of this change can be observed immediately.
  6. Now you can simply drag-and-drop your Taskbar to any of the multiple monitors connected to your PC, and customize it to your needs.

In this guide we explored the easiest and fastest way to move Taskbar to other monitor. As you can see, the process is incredibly simple and easy to perform, so you won’t have any issues.

Feel free to let us know if this guide helped you with this issue, by using the comment section found below.


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