Upcoming Windows 10 Mobile build 14352 to fix bugs and add an overall polish

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Microsoft already released build 14352 for Windows 10, bringing many fixes and improvements to the OS. The tech giant hasn’t pushed any new mobile builds yet, but it could roll out the Mobile build 14352 on Tuesday if everything goes according to plan.

The previous Mobile build, 14342, was released two weeks ago and brought swipe navigation to Edge in Windows 10 Mobile, Feedback Hub improvements with recommended categories or subcategories for your feedback, and bug fixes. Users complained that this build drained battery life too quickly and Microsoft released an update that aimed at fixing those issues.

The official list of known issues for Windows 10 Mobile includes five items that will hopefully be fixed by the upcoming build:

  • Build installation problems: The phone reboots and the Windows logo freezes after the installation. A workaround is available to solve this issue, but Microsoft needs to release a firmware fix for this.
  • Cellular data doesn’t work correctly with a second SIM in dual-SIM devices. Microsoft says it’s investigating user reports for this issues while trying to work on a fix.
  • Sometimes, boxes are seen when entering emojis. Fewer boxes are seen now compared to previous builds but nevertheless, the issue has not yet been solved.
  • Feedback Hub localisation issues.
  • The Settings app crashes when users rearrange Quick Actions.

It seems that few of these issues will get fixed, judging by one of Microsoft’s engineer’s tweet:

Mostly bug fixes/polish things from us. Phone 14352 postponed until Tuesday.

Apart from these official issues, users added other problems which have not yet been listed officially by Microsoft. The company is probably aware of the new issues and working to fix them as users also reported them via the Feedback Hub:

  • The keyboard doesn’t appear on the text field of web pages on Microsoft Edge
  • Frequent app crashing and freezing
  • Sudden internet connection losses even when using the Wi-Fi
  • Microsoft Edge crashing quite often
  • Fast battery life drain

Have you encountered any other issues in Mobile build 14342?



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