NVIDIA ties game codes to hardware to stop promotional game resale

by Radu Tyrsina
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NVIDIA has been bundling new games with the latest generation of graphic card to encourage gamers to buy its hardware. So, if you’ve got a free game with a GTX 1080 card, for instance, you could redeem that game’s key from Steam or Origin through NVIDIA’s website. This allows players to trade those game keys or simply resell them. But this is no longer the case now after the company revamped its policy.

Now, the company will no longer allow the resale of any new games that ship with its graphics cards by tying game codes to hardware. Going forward, NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience will start checking your hardware to make sure you are using the card that comes with the free game. It remains unclear, however, whether NVIDIA will connect the game to individual cards or the product range.

Under the new policy, gamers cannot register game keys elsewhere, either, as these keys are region-locked. That makes it even more difficult to resell bundled games because you will not be able to redeem the code if you do not have your graphics card. NVIDIA posted the following requirements on its website for you to redeem your coupon:

  • Graphics Card Requirements- Some coupons can only be redeemed on selected graphics card. These coupons are typically tied to a graphics card purchase or promotional giveaway. Please make sure your graphics card is installed before redemption.
  • Regional/Country Requirements- Some coupons require that they be redeemed in specific regions or countries. Please redeem the code in the appropriate region/country.
  • Age Requirements – Some coupons have age restrictions due to sensitive content. Please check that your NVIDIA Account meets the age requirement.

It’s worth noting that you won’t receive a promotional game as part of your bundle if you already own one that’s linked with the appropriate account on any game distribution platforms.


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