Oculus Quest 2 VR Videos Not Working: 5 Ways to Fix it

Watch any VR or 360 videos on Oculus Quest without errors

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Key notes

  • Oculus Quest may fail to play VR videos for software bugs or internal issues.
  • This problem may appear on a video player, a streaming app, or a browser.
  • Though updating the app or rebooting the VR headset can help, other methods shown in this post may also be necessary to fix this problem.

If VR videos are not working on your Oculus Quest device, don’t worry. This article has the solutions to get rid of this problem.

For an excellent virtual reality experience, Meta’s Oculus Quest is a perfect affordable choice. Thus, it has gained popularity around the world.

However, experience with this VR headset doesn’t always go smoothly due to various errors. Problems while playing VR videos are the most common ones among them.

In another article, we have shown how you can fix YouTube VR not working on Oculus Quest. Unfortunately, this device’s VR video playback issues are similar to that.

The good thing is that you can solve this issue if you take the proper steps. Here, this article has featured the methods to solve it. But, before that, let’s get some additional information.

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Why are my VR videos not working on Oculus Quest?

You may face VR video playback issues on browsers, video players, or other apps. But, in most cases, these are the reasons behind this problem:

  1. A bug in the video player or app
  2. Incompatible version of apps
  3. Outdated version of Oculus firmware
  4. The tracking sensor is not working well

The VR videos may not work on both Oculus Quest and Quest 2. Fortunately, you can fix this problem by tweaking some settings shown in the methods in the next part of this article.

How do I fix my oculus quest if it’s not playing any VR videos?

1. Restart the Oculus Quest headset

The restart is the first thing to fix VR videos not working on Oculus Quest. If your device is having a problem playing 360 or VR videos for fundamentalbasic internal reasons, a simple restart can fix this.

However, if the problem is something else, follow the other methods.

2. Re-install the app

2.1 Uninstall the problematic app

  1. Go to Quick Settings, as shown in the screenshot.going quick settings oq
  2. Navigate to Settings.going settings oq
  3. Go to Storage.going storage on oq settings
  4. Next, click on the Uninstall icon to remove or delete the app from Oculus Quest.uninstalling youtube vr oq
  5. Click on Uninstall in the prompt window.uninstalling app oq

2.2 Install again

  1. Go to the Store.going store oq
  2. Find and install the app.YouTube VR app

This method is applicable if you face Oculus Quest VR video playback issues on any video player or streaming app like YouTube VR. But, if it is on browsers or you face the playback problem everywhere, follow the next ones.

3. Change tracking frequency

  1. Go to Oculus Quest settings like before.
  2. Go to System.
  3. Navigate to Headset tracking.going headset tracking settings oq
  4. Change tracking frequency to something other than the default one.changing tracking frequency oculus quest

Now, check if it has fixed the VR video playback issues or not. Sometimes, VR videos may play as a flat one due to tracking problems. For this type of situation, this method is ideal.

4. Update Quest

  1. Go to Oculus Quest Settings, as shown before.
  2. Navigate to Software Update.going software update oq
  3. Install any available update and restart if necessary.

5. Factory reset

  1. Power off your Oculus device.
  2. Press and hold the Power Button + Volume- Button together until you see the boot menu.
  3. Select Factory Reset from there.
    boot device oculus factory reset

After factory reset, you should no longer encounter VR videos not working issues on Oculus Quest. However, if you still get the error, that is another frustrating experience.

Some users have reported that they have been facing this issue after updating an app or browser, or system software. In this case, you can try an alternative software and app for a similar experience.

If you are unable to play VR videos on the Oculus browser, you can try on an alternative one.

What is the best browser to use on Oculus Quest and Quest 2?

For Oculus Quest and Quest 2, there are not so many browsers available. However, for the best experience, especially to play VR videos, the Opera One browser is best.

We have a complete guide on how to use Opera One on Oculus Quest. You can see that one to use on your VR headset.

This browser can give you a fully featured experience on this VR device and deliver better performance while playing 360 videos.

Opera One

Opera One works great on VR devices like Oculus Quest, particularly when you play VR videos from the browser.

Else, other browsers also work well on this platform. You can learn about the best Oculus browser alternatives if you want.

In this article, you have learned how to fix Oculus Quest’s problem: VR videos are not working. If you have a better suggestion, let us know using the comment box.

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