Convert LibreOffice documents to Word file format with these converters

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ODT to DOC converters
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ODT is the default text document format of the OpenOffice and LibreOffice suites. However, not every MS Word application supports ODT; and those versions that do don’t always exactly preserve the original ODT page formatting. Thus, it’s better to convert a ODT file to either a DOC or DOCX format before opening it in Word. Here are a few file converters that you can convert the ODT and DOC formats with.

Best ODT to DOC converters

Doxillion Document converter Software

Doxillion Document Converter Software is a program that you can convert numerous document file formats with. The software has a freeware version that supports a more limited range of file formats than the Pro version, which is retailing at $14.99. Doxillion is compatible with 64-bit Windows platforms from XP up. Press the Download Now button on this website page to add Doxillion to Windows.

Doxillion supports the ODT, DOC, DOCX, PDF, TXT, HTML, RTF, XML and EPUB document formats among others. As such, you can convert various file formats with this software. Doxillion users can convert multiple ODT documents to DOC formats with the software’s batch file converter. This program also adds options to context menus in Windows Explorer so that you can select to convert documents by right-clicking their files.

MultiDoc Converter

MultiDoc Converter is a freeware ODT to DOC converter with which you can convert a batch of documents to alternative file formats. You can run this software on both 32 and 64-bit Windows platforms from Vista to 10. Click Setup.exe on this website page to save the program’s installer to Windows.

This software is primarily a batch conversion tool with which you can select to convert a group of ODT documents within a specified folder path. It includes filters that you can select to convert just one file format within a specified folder.

MultiDoc users can then select to convert their files to DOC, DOCX, RTF, XML, HTML, TXT or EPUB formats. This program doesn’t have a huge range of additional options, but it’s a straightforward batch-processing tool with which you can quickly convert multiple files to other formats.

Soft4Boost Document Converter

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Soft4Boost Document Converter is a freeware file conversion utility that has a few novelties. The main novelty is the that software is a file viewer and converter wrapped into one. The program works on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista; and you can save its setup wizard by pressing the Download S4B Document Converter button on this website page.

You can convert ODT documents to DOC, PDF, DOCX, TXT, RTF and HTML formats with Soft4Boost Document Converter. Unlike some alternative file converter software, S4B Document Converter also displays selected documents in its window and includes a Print option.

You can select to convert multiple documents at once, and the program also supports drag and drop so that its users can drag files onto its window. S4B Document Converter users can also modify the output file titles and select to extract images from the documents.

AVS Document Converter

AVS Document Converter is a utility designed specifically for converting ODT, DOC, PDF, DOC X, TXT, EPUB, HTM and HTML file formats. The software is freely available, but the non-activated version adds watermarks to converted output files. To remove the watermarks, you’ll need a $39 access subscription. Press the Download AVS Document Converter button on this page to save the installer to Windows.

AVS Document Converter’s UI bears an uncanny resemblance to S4B Document Converter. In fact, the UI design is almost something of a copy as it also incorporates document tab previews within its window and shares similar rename, extract images and format settings options. AVS Document Converter users can batch convert documents, and the software includes a Create Archive option with which you can compress output files. This software also includes a command line mode that users can convert and merge files with.

Total Doc Converter

Total Doc Converter is software that you can convert ODF files to the DOCX format with, which is the default file format for more recent Word versions. Total Doc Converter users can also convert DOCX to a format more compatible with earlier Word versions. This software is retailing at $49.90, and you can try out a one month trial package.

Total Doc Converter supports 10 output file formats, which include RTF, DOCX, PDF, TXT and HTML. The software has a preview panel that displays the selected document, and you can print out the files. Total Doc Converter users can batch process their documents and merge PDF and DOC output files. This program also has additional options for adding header or footer logos, digital signatures, page counters and dates to output documents.

Those are five file converters that support the ODT, DOC and DOCX formats. With those programs, you can quickly convert multiple ODT documents to MS Word’s DOC or DOCX default formats. That will ensure the documents retain their original formatting and layout when you open them in Word.


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