OneDrive doesn’t show picture thumbnails? Here’s what to do

Teodor Nechita
by Teodor Nechita
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OneDrive doesn’t show picture thumbnails? Here’s what to do

Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting service and synchronization service operated by Microsoft as part of Office 365.

Another great feature about OneDrive is that you can download it on your PC and benefit from the “extended” storage space.

You can use OneDrive to store pretty much any document type, from videos to photos and music.

However, those multimedia fanatics out there know how much easier it is to navigate a folder when you can also see some thumbnails.

The problem is some users have been reporting on the official forums that their OneDrive folders aren’t displaying any thumbnails anymore.

I’ve recently started utilizing OneDrive for photo backup from my Win 10 machine and after backing up a dozen or so at least one or two have missing thumbnails on the web view. I’ve got almost a terabyte of images I’d like to store.

How do I make my  OneDrive image thumbnails appear again?

1. Disable Files on Demand

This is probably the go-to solution when dealing with such issues.

  1. Go to the Taskbar and right-click the OneDrive icon
  2. Select More
    • A new window will open where you have to click on the Settings tab
  3. Uncheck the Files on Demand service
  4. Restart your Pc and look if you can now see all the thumbnails appropriately.

onedrive not showing photo thumbnails files on demand

If this didn’t work, proceed to the next solution.

2. Change the icon view

  1. Press Windows + R
  2. Type in control.exe
  3. In the Control Panel, type in Folder in the search field
  4. Click File Explorer Options
  5. Go to the View tab
  6. Uncheck Always view icons
  7. Make sure Display file icons on thumbnails is checked
  8. Go back to the Control Panel
  9. Type in System
    • A new window will pop up
  10. Select View advanced system settings
  11. Click on Settings (under Performance)
  12. Check Show thumbnails instead of icons

OneDrive Show thunbnails instead of icons

3. Make sure you have enough disk space for the cache

Displaying thumbnails requires some disk space from your system drive (that would be the C drive by default).

This means that if you don’t have enough disk space in your system drive, you won’t be able to afford to view thumbnails.

However, if you just did a disk cleaning recently, or it is the first time accessing that particular folder of photos, this means you’ll just have to wait a bit for the thumbnails to generate themselves again.

This could take quite some time, depending on your PC‘s processing power, and the amount of photos you have.

OneDrive Check Disk Space

After following these simple steps, your OneDrive image thumbnails should appear again.

If you have any other suggestions or questions, leave them in the comments section below and we’ll surely take a look.