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  • One disadvantage when working in a company is the lack of software that integrates everything you need.
  • OnlyOffice is an online cloud office suite that goes beyond that idea thanks to its toolset.
  • We looked over OnlyOffice and analyzed what it can do, its quality, and whether it is worth it.
  • We will also be providing you with a link to their free trial so you can test it yourself.

Working remotely is something that has become the new norm, and cloud computing is replacing local storage more and more, and these two trends are visible in the corporate world as well.

Collaboration tools have evolved more and more the past year, allowing users from all over the globe to work together as if they were sharing the same office space, one great example being OnlyOffice, a complete cloud office suite for companies everywhere.

Today’s article will be a complete overview of what OnlyOffice is, what it can do, and how it can greatly improve the workflow of your company if you use it right, so continue reading below to learn more.

What is OnlyOffice?

OnlyOffice is a cloud-based office productivity software that companies can use to do just about anything they need to get projects done in a fast and efficient manner.

It provides subscribers with the several useful features, including:

  • Document sharing and editing – Text, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Project overviews, time tracking, and efficiency reports
  • Contact and client management features – Invoices, tasks, reports, etc
  • A built-in email client with full capabilities
  • An integrated instant messenger
  • A calendar for scheduling tasks, and more…

It is available in multiple subscription plans, and it also comes with a 30-day trial for anyone to try out, with very few limitations.

What are OnlyOffice’s features?

Since OnlyOffice is primarily an office cloud, it is based entirely on the web, so accessing can be done via web browser, and an Internet connection is a must.

This type of service means that PCs will not be burdened by bulky software, no registries will be damaged due to software installations, and there will be fewer errors due to local reading and writing errors.

Besides, web apps such as OnlyOffice have the advantage of always being updated as soon as a new version becomes available, so there is no need to download new updates or patches.

A complete document editing suite

No office can run with the creation, editing and distribution of text documents, spreadsheets, and the occasional presentation, and while there’s always the option of going for the traditional Microsoft Office Suite, OnlyOffice offers you their own version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint at only a fracture of the price.

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All of these tools look almost like their Microsoft counterparts, so getting used to the interface will not be a problem.

More so, since everything is stored in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about freak errors that result in progress lost, or even the loss of entire documents.

Keep track of all of your project

A company grows little by little with each new project it manages to accomplish, and OnlyOffice gives you the tools to complete these projects fast, and with better results as well.

Simply create a project, and then set all the associated parameters that you want, such as milestones, associated tasks, progress charts, discussion boards, and more, all so that you know exactly where you are with a project every step of the way.

Another cool feature is the ability to create project templates, so future projects will be easier to create and set up, especially when they are similar to older ones.

Keep track of your clients and their needs

Companies live off of money, and money comes from projects that have been ordered by clients, so keeping track of your clients, and their appropriate documentation is a core aspect that OnlyOffice provides you wish.

Create contact lists, create associated tasks (appointments, meetings, etc), keep track of sales opportunities, create invoices, and check out your company’s progress from a single unified menu called the CRM.

Keep in touch with colleagues and clients at all times

The key to running a successful business is communication, and OnlyOffice makes sure everyone keeps in touch with everyone via its built-in email client which comes full equipped with everything you might expect to find.

Send and receive emails, save drafts, create templates, and there are even a few features that allow you to use the email client for personal projects, not just job-related ones.

Your colleagues have never felt closer

Just like many other collaboration tools, you can create groups of contacts with whom you share common interests or with whom you with to discuss particular topics.

This feature is more of an extension of the IM and e-mail client, allowing easier message sending to multiple users at once.

If e-mails don’t cut it, try instant messaging

Emails are great when talking to your superiors, clients, or with your peers about official business, but one cannot deny the need for an instant messaging tool, especially when discussing time-sensitive projects.

OnlyOffice’s built-in instant messenger offers all of the traditional tools you’d expect to find, including choice of status, history archiving, file transfer, multi-user chat support, and more.

More so, you can set up the notifications to always keep you updated with everything that is happening, or when someone needs to speak to you.

Never lose track of what needs to be done

Projects need to be done, but profits are bigger when projects are done faster, or when you can squeeze in more projects in the same amount of time to optimize work hours, so the built-in calendar is a much-welcomed addition.

Schedule meetings, keep track of events that are participating in or the ones you were invited to, never forget a colleague’s birthday, and more, all from a very clean and minimalist interface.

Fast and responsive

As mentioned earlier, OnlyOffice is available as a web app, and because of this, it is designed to be as lightweight and as fast as possible, and this is something that our tests have revealed as well.

Pretty much all tools of this service worked impeccably, and the only times we ever had issues with it during tests were during Internet down times.

However, if bad Internet connectivity is the least of your problems, then performance issues with OnlyOffice are the last thing that you should worry about in OnlyOffice.

One of the best cloud office solutions at a very special price

Technically speaking, OnlyOffice comes in several price plans, but regardless of which ones you choose, the price-to-features ratio is extremely advantageous for the user.

OnlyOffice is currently available in the following subscription plans:

  • OnlyOffice Docs
    • Enterprise Edition
    • Developer Edition
  • OnlyOffice Workspace

Besides, there’s no pressure into buying anything, since OnlyOffice can also be tested for free over a trial period of 30 days, although certain limitations do apply.



Try out one of the world’s best office cloud tools on the market! Try out OnlyOffice!
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Closing thoughts on OnlyOffice

Offers all the tools needed to make collaboration efficient
Great documents, sheet, and presentation editors
Fast and efficient cloud service
Built-in IM and e-mail client
Offers a free 30-day Trial
Customizable Interface
Fast and responsive
There may be compatibility issues with newer document versions

Our tests revealed that as far as performance was concerned, any Pc that can run a browser can run OnlyOffice, so you don’t have to worry about hardware upgrades when using this tool.

As for the actual toolset, OnlyOffice has pretty much all the grounds covered in terms of what a company would need, and it’s hard to figure out what other third-party tool you should have at your disposal to enrich it even further.

All in all, regardless of whether you are a small company or an enterprise with thousands of employees, we recommend that you at least give OnlyOffice a shot, because it may just be one of the best investments that your company has ever made productivity-wise.

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