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Overwolf is software that provides users with various apps and enhancements for their games. A lot of users utilize Overwolf recording apps, such as Replay HUD, to record gaming clips. However, those recording apps might not always record games as players expect. Overwolf users can’t get any recorded output when recording error messages pop up. Here are a few troubleshooting tips for fixing Overwolf recording error messages.

How can Users Fix Overwolf Recording Errors?

1. Check the Minimum System Requirements

First, check that the laptop or desktop meets the minimum system requirements for Overwolf recording. Users will need PCs with at least four GB RAM. NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards that support NVENC or AMF beta encoders are another requirement. Furthermore, an Intel i3 processor that supports Intel QuickSync is the minimum CPU required for Overwolf recording.

Users can upgrade desktops that don’t meet the minimum system requirements for Overwolf recording. Add a new graphics card that supports NVENC or AMF encoding to the desktop. In addition, desktop users can expand their RAM with new RAM modules.

A graphics card overwolf not recording

2. Check That Overwolf Supports the Game

Recording will only work for games that Overwolf supports. So, check that Overwolf supports the game you’re trying to record. Users can check what the supported games are at the Overwolf Supported Games page.

Overwolf's supported games page overwolf not recording

3. Check That the Replay HUD App is Enabled

Some users might need to enable their Overwolf recording apps to record with them. To enable the Replay HUD, open the Replay HUD app to adjust its settings. Then toggle the Replay HUD and Auto launch Replay HUD settings on if they’re off.

Replay HUD options overwolf not recording

4. Select Lower Video Settings

  1. If a Selected video settings are too high error message pops up, try reducing the Overwolf recording settings. To do so, click the arrow beside the wolf head button at the top left of the Overwolf window.
  2. Then click Settings on the menu.The Settings window overwolf not recording
  3. Click Capture on the Settings window.
  4. Select a lower resolution setting.
  5. Then select a lower frame rate option.
  6. In addition, check that the right graphics card codec is selected in the Codec drop-down menu. For example, users with NVIDIA graphics cards should select the NVIDIA NVENC option.

5. Update Graphics and Sound Drivers

  1. Some users might need to update their graphics and sound card drivers to fix Overwolf recording. The most straightforward way to update drivers is to add Driver Booster 7 to Windows by clicking Free Download on the DB 7 webpage.
  2. Install Driver Booster with the setup wizard.
  3. Open the Driver Booster 7 window.
  4. Driver Booster 7 will automatically scan after users launch the software. Click the Update Now button if the scan results include a sound or graphics card.

Driver Booster 7 Overwolf not recording

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6. Reinstall Overwolf

  1. Reinstalling Overwolf might also fix some of the software’s recording errors. To open the Windows uninstaller, launch Run with its Windows key + R hotkey.
  2. Enter ‘appwiz.cpl’ in Run and click OK to open the window in the snapshot directly below.The Windows uninstaller overwolf not recording
  3. Select the Overwolf software.
  4. Then click the Uninstall button.
  5. Select the Yes option to confirm and remove the software.
  6. Before reinstalling Overwolf, restart the desktop or laptop.
  7. Thereafter, click Download on Overwolf’s Softpedia page to add the latest software version to Windows.

The above resolutions might fix Overwolf recording errors for some users. Users can also get further fixes by contacting Overwolf support at its contact page.


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