5 of the best painting software for Windows 7

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Key notes

  • There are some great painting software options for Windows 7 that are much better than the default MS Paint app included.
  • Being able to use painting software for Windows 7 that have free download can also boost your creative capabilities at no cost.
  • There is a variety of painting programs that work on Windows 7, and choosing the right one for your style is essential.
  • PC painting software for Windows 7 provides you with great features, while not consuming a large batch of your resources.

turn photo into paintings

Microsoft no longer actively supports Windows 7, and some notable publishers are only releasing their latest painting software for Windows 10.

However, there is still some great painting software you can utilize on Windows 7.

The best painting software includes a plethora of art and design tools for artists to unleash their creativity with.

They also include image editing tools to refine photos with. These are five of the best painting software for Windows 7 users.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop painting software for windows 7

Adobe Photoshop is the crème da la crème of image editing and painting software for Windows platforms. The latest Photoshop 2021 doesn’t support Windows 7, but you can utilize Adobe Photoshop 2020.

Although some might think Photoshop is primarily an image editor, you can utilize this software for website, packaging, banner, logo, and icon design.

Painters will love Photoshop’s preview blending modes, sample brush presets, and a wide variety of brush tip controls. So, it’s among the most comprehensive art packages.

Other useful Adobe Photoshop features

  • Enables users to set up picture collages
  • Includes a Content-Aware Fill tool for removing unwanted details
  • Enables users to organize brush presets in folders
  • Includes more than 1,200 brushes
  • Users can set up slideshows with Photoshop’s Timeline feature
Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Use the full capabilities of Adobe Photoshop on your system and create astonishing work from the comfort of your own home.
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Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator painting software for windows 7

Adobe Illustrator is among the foremost graphics design applications for Windows. So, you can design all kinds of media with this application. As vector graphics software, Illustrator enables users to vectorize brush strokes for their designs.

Illustrator is the best software for users who need to apply paint to illustrations. It includes a Live Paint utility for colored drawings. That tool makes painting objects more like applying watercolors for pencil sketches.

Aside from Live Paint, painters will also appreciate Illustrator’s Brush tool. The Brush tool enables users to set up custom brushes.

This utility makes painting with Illustrator more flexible as users can customize brushes according to their design requirements.

Adobe Illustrator’s Transparency panel also enables users to apply transparent effects to art.

With that panel, users can apply blending modes, add transparent gradients and meshes, lower object opacity, and incorporate opacity masks for transparency variations within their pictures.

Other useful Illustrator features

  • Illustrator’s Adobe Sensei extracts colors from photos
  • 18 precision drawing tools
  • Includes six tools for complex typography
  • Graphing tools that enables users to set up data visualizations
Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Create amazing digital artworks on your Windows 7 system with this powerful software today.
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Corel Painter

Corel Painter painting software for windows 7

Corel Painter is an art package specifically designed to simulate traditional painting, printmaking, and drawing art media. So, this software is designed specifically for professional digital artists. The latest Corel Painter 2021 is only available for Windows 10, but Painter 2020 supports 64-bit Windows 7.

What sets Corel Painter apart from alternative art packages is its brushes. Firstly, it packs in a massive selection of brushes with more than 900 to choose from. Coral Painter’s brushes are also renowned for their realism and how they replicate real-world paintbrushes.

Corel Painter’s Brush Accelerator is among its most novel features. That feature optimizes Corel Painter’s brushes for your system specifications. Corel claims Brush Accelerator enables users to paint up to 20 times faster with traditional brushes.

Corel Painter also boasts impressive color selection features. Its color wheel is a very versatile color selection utility that combines very nicely with the mixer palette for mixing colors. Painter’s Color Harmonies feature provides complementary colors for current selections.

Other useful Corel Painter features

  • Includes layer tools for users
  • Provides dab and stroke previews
  • Enables users to set up brush presets
  • Includes extensive color modification, brightness, and canvass texture effects
  • The Move menu enables users to set up animated clips from pictures
Corel Painter

Corel Painter

Use this versatile tool to take your digital art creation to the next level in Windows 7.
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GIMP painting software for windows 7

GIMP is among the most versatile image manipulation software for Windows.

You can utilize GIMP for painting, editing photos, graphics design, and more besides. The best thing about GIMP is that it’s open-source software that’s freely available for Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms.

GIMP includes parametric and raster brushes. Both brush types are very versatile for digital painting. The parametric brush can be especially effective for dry media charcoal, chalk, and pastel paintings.

There are a wide variety of additional brush packs for GIMP its users can download from DevianArt and other sources.

The brush packs are designed for more specific artistic effects. Alternatively, you can set up your own custom brushes within GIMP.

There are also a wealth of plugins you can add to GIMP to extend its paint feature set. For example, you can add the Paint Studio plugin to GIMP.

That plugin adds a further 102 brushes, 16 gradients, 12 palettes, and 28 patterns to GIMP. Even some Photoshop plugins reputedly work with GIMP!

Other useful GIMP features

  • Customizable UI design
  • Includes numerous filter effects for images
  • Users can retouch images with GIMP’s clone tool
  • Includes layer and layer mask tools

Download GIMP


Rebelle painting software for windows 7

This is art software specifically for painting that incorporates watercolor simulation techniques. Rebelle mimics natural media more closely than the vast majority of digital paint software. Therefore, this software delivers some of the most realistic and natural-looking digital painting output.

Rebelle incorporates an extensive toolkit for painting. It incorporates wet tools for oil, acrylics, ink pen, and watercolor paintings. Alternatively, you can utilize its pastel, marker, and airbrush dry tools among others. Rebelle also includes a Brush Creator tool, blend and smudge options, and watercolor texture settings.

Although it’s not image-editing software, Rebelle does still include layer and color tools. Its layer utility enables you to overlap painting areas. Rebelle users can also adjust RYB color mixing, apply gamma correction, and select alternative RGB color profiles.

Other useful Rebelle features

  • Rebelle’s DropEngine generates water drip effects
  • Includes a Blow Tool for blowing drips
  • Ruler and perspective tools included for precision drawings
  • Includes numerous digital templates
  • Enables users to apply transparent water mixing

Download Rebelle 4

These are some of the best art packages digital artists can utilize on Windows 7.

Digital artists can paint visually stunning and realistic paintings with that art and design software.

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