12 Windows Search Indexer bugs fixed on Patch Tuesday

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windows 10 12 indexer bugs

Microsoft has just delivered its first set of updates for the year 2020. The Patch Tuesday January 2020 updates bring an entire host of new security updates, as well as a few notable bug fixes.

These are meant to improve and secure the way users experience working with Windows 10.

Speaking of which, this latest set of updates brings a fix to 12 Windows Search Indexer security bugs.

Tens of bugs got fixed

In an effort to get rid of as many security vulnerabilities as possible, over 50 different bugs got fixed, 12 of these bugs were part of the Windows Indexer Service:

All of these bugs have one thing in common: they all fall under the Elevation of Privilege classification.

These types of bugs would allow an attacker with limited access to a system to gain more control over an affected system. In the case at hand, they could elevate this privilege level to that of the Search Indexer service.

If you want to get your hands on the latest Patch Tuesday updates, but don’t know exactly how the process goes, check out this detailed guide on the matter.

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