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Desktop PCs are usually used for intensive work like photo/video editing, graphic design, professional gaming, and other intensive tasks that need a lot of power. Yes, you give up the portability of a traditional laptop or a tablet, but in return you gain more powerful components and proper cooling.

For those looking to update their rig, we’ve gathered the best deals on the market. Check them out and choose the best one for you.

What are the best PCs that I can buy right now?


Desktop computers have multiple drive ports, and you can have multiple HDDs, SSDs, and M.2 drives in the same PC. If you’re looking for lots of storage, than a big HDD should solve the problem, but if speed it’s on your mind, then a super-fast SSD will certainly get the job done.


If you’re looking for decent performance in an incredible small package, a mini-PC could be just the thing you need. Besides a full-blown desktop CPU, these devices can sometimes include dedicated GPUs and 4K capabilities. And they also look pretty stylish, as long as you like a minimalistic setup.


All-in-ones are, as the name states, PCs that include all the necessary components for everything you would ever need and are also quite compact. Usually, an AIO is a touchscreen monitor that houses the GPU, CPU, RAM, HDD, and all the other parts. They are used for productivity and especially for graphic design and photo editing.

Multiple monitors

Your single monitor setup is not handling all your workflow? Then you probably need a multi-monitor setup. But for that you’ll also need a very powerful PC with a dedicated GPU to send that all-important video signal to those monitors. That’s why we’ve covered the best desktop computers for multi-monitor setups.


Gamers know very well the importance of a dedicated GPU and extremely good cooling. While some powerful workstations and laptops can be used with an external GPU for gaming, the thermal issues still remain. If you want to get the most of your gaming sessions, take a look at the best gaming PCs that you can buy.


You’re a Twitch streamer? Or maybe a YouTuber? No matter the platform you like to stream on, for things to go smoothly you’ll need a good desktop computer. We’ve gathered the best deals on PCs for streaming on the market. Check them all out and choose what best fits your budget and your needs.

PC accessories


There are multiple ways to properly cool your desktop PC. From changing the thermal paste, installing more fans, and using a watercooled case, to adding additional hardware like a fan speed controller, all these things can help you get rid of the heating problem and use the full capacity of your PC.

While laptops, netbooks, workstations, and 2-in-1s can offer incredible portability and decent power, if your hobby or your work involves heavy tasks and lots of processing, your best bet is a powerful desktop PC. Don’t forget to bookmark this page, as we will update it with the latest and greatest deals available.