Best fax software to use PCs as fax machines [2020 Guide]

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This is 2018 but surprisingly fax machine is still used by many government agencies and business. Although sending an email is the popular way of sending documents you may be required to send fax sometimes.

Using the PC as a fax machine is not as simple as it may sound because fax machines are connected straight to telephone lines. Ideally the way to send a fax is to type a document after which is then scanned and sent to the fax machine. The fax machine places a telephone call to the number specified. The fax machine of the recipient then answers the call and the document is received over the phone call.

Since fax machines cannot be connected to computer directly there are some methods in which fax can be sent using a PC. Computers with windows OS has a fax and scan application which enables faxes to be sent but this process needs a dial up modem and crucially a telephone connection.

How to use phone line with Windows PC to send a fax

  • Click Start, All Programs, Windows Fax and Scan, and press Enter (Windows Fax and Scan) to launch the fax and scan options
  • Ensure telephone line is connected to the PC
  • Click on New Fax on the toolbar.
  • Follow the wizard to connect to the phone line.
  • Fill out the fax form by entering the recipient number, typing in your message, and attaching your documents.
  • Click on send to complete.

This process has its weakness because the line has to be free while sending faxes. An alternative to this is to get a Fax telephone land line which is useful for persons that receive faxes a lot.

Using online faxing software

The most popular way of sending fax document currently is by using online fax services. These services save users the stress of connecting through telephone. The basic thing with most of these services is to fill the fax form with the recipient number after which these online service providers do the sending.

Your PC can be turned into a proper faxing machine using fax software. This fax software is useful for business and individuals that fax a lot. Fax software generally allows the PC to send and receive faxes.


Free fax software for Windows 10


RingCentralFax (recommended)

ringcentralfax software

This is the best fax software currently available with lots of amazing features. Ring central fax can send all types of file format to any fax worldwide. This software also sends fax alerts on incoming faxes to users’ mobile number or email.

Ring central gives 750 page of faxes for 14.99$ with users having the options to allocate this pages to the desired amount of or incoming and outgoing faxes. Ring central fax does not charge a setup fee and comes with a moderate overage fee of 6 cents which is quite ok when compared to other fax software.

The desktop platform is quite easy to learn with its unique users’ interface. The software also allows for users to port their fax numbers while allowing users to send fax internationally for a low fee. Digital signature is also enabled as well as multiple sharing of faxes to multiple recipients. A unique difference from all other fax software is the ability to schedule faxes to be sent at a later time. The service also tracks all faxes sent or received. The service gives limited saving of about 200 fax pages monthly. The fax software also provides access to broadcast fax to Microsoft Outlook contacts.

The customer service of this software is top notch and can be contacted via email, live chat and phone number with customer service representatives responding quickly. There is a detailed FAQ section with video tutorials and online forum.


  • Lots of features.
  • Faxes can be scheduled to later dates
  • Simple user interface


  • Limited storage capacity per month

Ring central fax is the all-rounder with its numerous features and a moderate cost fee makes it the best among other fax software. It gives flexibility, simplicity and affordability which are the ultimate aim of any fax software.


Venta fax (suggested)



This fax software sends and receives fax via a fax modem or Internet telephone service provider. The tool is available in home, network, multi line and business editions. The multi line edition can support more than 25 computers while the network edition is installed on a server and supports all computers connected to the server network.

The business version comes with nice features and has the capacity to control recording time. It can also manage unlimited voice recordings and mass deliveries of fax. The business version can also convert faxes to PDF which is automatically forwarded to email.

All versions of the software have basic fax features such as ability to send faxes from Windows applications, schedule faxes, and prioritize faxes in the send queue and creating custom cover pages.

This fax software does not give users access to send faxes through Internet. It also lacks Smartphone compatibility applications. Venta fax does not have an online website version to send faxes via the internet from any location either.


  • It provides management tools to schedule and manage faxes


  • No web based faxing version
  • No mobile phone faxing platform

Venta fax is good fax software for persons that want to discard their fax machines for something simpler which would work properly for their business while giving compatibility with their telephone numbers. It gives users access to send and receive unlimited faxes although it lacks mobile applications and Web based version which may be detrimental to some users.



myfax fax software

MyFax is feature rich fax software which enables users to send faxes both locally and internationally. This software also gives unlimited storage facility with Microsoft Outlook integration and electronic signature capacity.

One of the unique features of MyFax is that unlike other fax software MyFax gives users specific number of fax pages for sent and received faxes. The monthly subscription of 10 dollars comes with a total of 300 faxed pages with 100 for sent faxes and 200 for received faxes which is a limiting aspect of the software Users that use above this quota are penalised with overage charges of 10 cent a page.

MyFax enables cross platform compatibility with users able to send faxes through phones email and its web based site. The software can also archive and send fax to the normal fax machine with the software sending confirmatory alerts on faxes delivery to users email. Users can also register up to 5 emails for sending faxes without any additional cost.

Incoming fax are converted into PDF or tiff format which gives users easy access to this faxes regardless of the initial format it was sent with. MyFax has an excellent customer service which can be contacted via email or telephone. Their customer care representatives typically respond to request within an hour. There is also a detailed FAQ section for assistance as well as live chat option.


  • Good customer care service
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Nice interface.
  • Unlimited storage capacity.


  • Limited no of faxes sent and received.

MyFax is one of the best faxing software available and it’s highly recommended for newbies and professionals although the monthly quota on fax pages may be a limiting factor for the software but overall it is amazing software to have.

Download Myfax



metrofax fax software

MetroFax is one of the most complete fax software available right now with its myriad features. It allows users to send fax via the internet through PC and mobile devices. It comes with virtually all the required features of excellent fax software.

It comes with a monthly subscription fee of 7.5$ which is comparatively cheap with an allocation of 500 fax pages. Which users can allocate between sent and received faxes while its overages fee is 3$ which is among the lowest for a fax software. Its user interface is among the best.

Its gives an easy learning to fax for beginners with sending and receiving faxes so simple and easy to learn. Metro fax sends conformation message to users email on delivery of faxes. Users can also sign electronically on documents and send faxes to multiple recipients.

The Microsoft Outlook integration is as such that it allows users to send emails directly from users’ email accounts. MetroFax charges extra for international fax and give users access to toll free international number.

The software also gives users unlimited storage of faxes and converts all incoming faxes into PDF or tiff format. The only downside is the inability to schedule faxes for later date which is a minor inconvenience for the wide range of features provided by this software.

The customer care service is top notch with tutorials and demos instructing how to use the software. Users can contact the customer care representatives via email or phone call. The email response is quite fast. Live chat option is also available.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Top class customer service.
  • Affordable prices.


  • Users cannot schedule faxes for later delivery.

MetroFax with its good price and diverse features is a must have fax software. With no hidden fees and little service charge. It is an affordable and secure fax service. MetroFax is an ideal fit for many businesses

Download MetroFax



eFax fax software

This software gives versatility and user friendly interface which makes it one of the best fax software at the moment. EFax comes with plus and pro plans with the plus plan offering 150 faxes each for sent and received fax while the pro plan gives 200 faxes each. There is also an overage charges fee of 10$ and a onetime setup fee of 10$

EFax gives users the access to send faxes through mobile devices or their online portal. This software sends and receives fax as email attachment. Users simply have to take a photograph of the document and fax it as an image file document.

The mobile platform is free to existing account holders and has a unique user’s friendly interface. EFax has exciting features like digital signature where users can sign on documents by simply drawing and dragging the signature to the desired point.

Multiple files sharing to various recipients and unlimited storage capacity are also enabled by this software. The customer service is quite good with email and phone support. The software also has a help center where users can view FAQ and tutorials for help to problems. Live chat option is also available.


  • Good features
  • Unlimited storage capacity


  • Quite expensive
  • Little amount of faxes compared to other rival software.

EFax is competent fax software to use with its cross platform options and user friendly interface although it is relatively expensive when compared to other rival software.

Download eFax



This software is for anyone who values fax security over other features as it ensures maximum security when sending and receiving faxes. Sfax is more expensive compared to other fax software but it provides additional features not present in many fax software. Users can create customized cover pages. Sfax is HIPPA compliant with the software following strict methods to ensure every Transmitted fax is extra secured.

Sfax also enables users to easily port their fax number to their platform without additional costs. Unlike other fax software that receives and sends fax as email attachment Sfax is unique as it sends faxes as a secure link which is safer than email attachments. The software also supports digital signature and multiple sharing of faxes.

Sfax has a good user interface whereby users can track, send or receive faxes through their mobile devices. Sfax has many plans but the standard plan comes with 350 fax pages per month at 29$ which makes it very expensive. The overage charge is 10 cents per page. Sfax supports different formats of documents and stores faxes for only one year.

Customer support is excellent on Sfax with users able to reach customer service representatives via email or telephone. The customer service representatives also give detailed information about their services and the software provides FAQ section for users to learn more.


  • Very secure fax software
  • Nice user interface
  • Cross platform compatibility


  • Very expensive to use

This is the safest of all the fax software. It may be lacking in some aspects available to other rival software but Sfax gives users HIPPA compliant service to transfer sensitive information.

Download Sfax



fax software

This is good fax software for sending and receiving faxes. It comes with a monthly subscription fee of 9.99$ and an account setup fee of 9.99$. gives users 300 fax pages a month with users having the flexibility of allotting the amount for incoming and outgoing faxes. The overage fee is 10 cents per page which is the highest among fax software. enables users to send fax through email or online portal. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. does not have specific applications for mobile devices but fax can be sent through mobile browsers. The software enables digital signature and Microsoft Outlook compatibility.

One of the drawbacks of the software is inability to schedule faxes and crucially faces can only be sent to one recipient at a time which is very stressful and inconvenient. stores faxes in its database for just 39 days which is by far the shortest among rival fax software.

Customer support for the software is quite good with email and telephone options available. The customer service representatives do respond quickly to problems from users. There are also video tutorials available and a searchable FAQ section. does not support live chat.


  • Easy to use with nice interface
  • Good customer service


  • High overage fees

This is good software for simple faxing needs with its easy user interface but does not have as much features as higher ranked fax software but it is still good software to use.

Download Fax





This software gives most of the features to be expected with quality software. The professional plan gives users 500 fax pages to receive or send for a monthly fee of 19$ which is quite expensive than most fax software but as we all know quality is never cheap.

It also comes with no setup fee which is good. Hello fax is easy to use with a simplified user interface. The program enables users to sign documents electronically which saves time. It also enables users to fax multiple recipients; users can sign up for toll free number which can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

Hello fax gives users unlimited storage of fax messages and voice recordings. Faxes can also be sent through mobile devices using the browser of the phone since there is no dedicated application for mobile devices.

The software does not have schedule feature to send faxes at a later date which some users don’t like. The web based version do sent support live chat which can be problematic when trying to talk to the customer care although there is a customer care support email.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Users can store unlimited faxes and recordings in the hello database


  • Quite expensive
  • Lack of customer care options such as phone call and live chat.

Hello fax is fax software I would recommend to anyone with its easy interface and numerous features however it is quite expensive with customer support lacking in some aspects.

Download HelloFax

Do share with us your experience on how to use your PC as a fax machine. Feel free to comment below.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.