5 best PC tuning software for Windows 10

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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PC tuning software - optimization tools

Working or playing games on a slow PC can be very frustrating over time. Sometimes there is no possibility for you to upgrade your PC with new hardware.

That’s why it is very important that you understand how you can clean up your PC and make it run smoother without modifying anything other than built-in settings.

In order to modify the way your computers runs, it is recommended that you use specialized software that was built by your PC‘s manufacturer. There is a good range of things that can be tweaked on your PC in order to achieve greater speeds and a smoother overall experience. Here are some of them:

  • Overclocking your CPU (run your computer’s processor at a higher speed than the limit set by the manufacturers)
  • Change the speed of the fans of your PC‘s cooler units
  • Monitor the temperature and activity level of your hardware
  • Malware/spyware blocking
  • Removal of bloatware (programs that come pre-installed with your version of Windows PC that doesn’t serve any purpose)
  • Cleaning out duplicated files, hidden junk files
  • Fix corrupt registry files

Let’s explore some of the best software options found on the market in 2020 that allow you to adjust all the things we mentioned above, and much more. We will first start with overclocking software, and then we will explore some extremely useful PC tuning applications to make your computer run faster than ever.


Optimize your PC running Windows 10 with these amazing tools

To get the best performance out of your computer, every piece of software needs to work perfectly. This includes the operating system as well as anything else installed.

Restoro can be used to tune up your PC by replacing any damaged Windows critical files. This ensures that Windows runs smoothly.

In case you ever had a virus creating chaos and managed to remove it, the damage that was left behind can slow down the device. Restoro helps by removing all of these side-effects.

Finally, it will perform hardware scans to notify you in case some components require your attention and need replacement.

Restoro has these key features that we like:

  • Very easy to use PC optimizer
  • Repairs Windows for an error-free experience
  • Registry optimization
  • Frees up disk space


With plenty of features that fix PC errors and utilities that clean your computer, Restoro will improve the performance with a press of a button.


MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner - pc optimization tools

MSI Afterburner is a great overclocking software that allows you to customize the speed level of your PC, and offer a wide range of customization tools, like voltage tweaking of the GPU.

In order to use MSI Afterburner, you need to own an MSI graphics card.

This software is powered by the well-known Rivatuner engine and supports both ATI and NVidia graphics cards, can overclock cores, set custom GPU load levels (ATI), adjust the speeds of your fans, and also offers you with a detailed report about any connected device/hardware.

One of the best features of MSI Afterburner is the fact that it runs fast and smoothly, and also offers a great range of features under a good looking and easy to understand user interface, with quick access to advanced settings, including the ability to control voltage.

By using the user-friendly dashboard, you can easily customize the frequency of the core, shader, and also memory clock, and can also customize the fan speed. The fan speed can be set to either of the 3 options available – auto, fixed, programmed.

MSI Afterburner is fully compatible with both NVidia GeForce and ATI Radeon graphics cards, with the number of supported terminals increasing constantly. Every release of new supported cards can be downloaded by using the update system.

Here are some of the best features found in MSI Afterburner:

  • Great overclocking tools – increases your GPU’s clock frequency and voltage for better performance
  • OC scanner – a great automated function that automatically finds the highest stable overclock level for your specific video card
  • Hardware monitor – allows you to check hardware info in real time – temperature, usage, clock speed, and voltage
  • Custom fan profiles – custom settings for the cooler fan
  • On-screen display – floating on-screen widget that keeps you informed even while playing games
  • Custom Skins

Download MSI Afterburner


AMD OverDrive

AMD Overdrive - pc optimization tools

AMD OverDrive is another great overclocking software option, allowing you to get all the leftover power of your graphics card and CPU, without risking any issues. This software is designed to be fully compatible with all AMD-based systems.

Beyond the clocking controls found in AMD OverDrive, you also get a full range of BIOS-like CPU speed, voltage, and also system controls, all inside a good looking and easy to comprehend dashboard.

Most users didn’t know these steps can boost Windows 10 low FPS for AMD PCs. Use them today.

By using this software you also get access to fan controls, a simple but efficient benchmarking tool, and a stability test for burn-in. You can also use this amazing tool to disable the Cool and Quiet downclocking technology, allowing you to push your GPU and CPU to the limit.

Here are some of the best features found in AMD OverDrive:

  • Can create and customize pre-tuned memory profiles giving you the power to reach DDR3 performance
  • Can manually check and modify performance settings from BIOS
  • Can create customized profiles that are customized for selected applications
  • Automatic overclocking features – automatically tunes the frequencies of your system without risking any damage
  • Control the speed of your fans in order to increase performance even more
  • Can monitor all performance settings – clock memory, voltage, memory timing, etc.
  • Great tests that help you avoid any stability issues

Try AMD Overdrive 


Iolo System Mechanic Pro

Iolo System Mechanic Pro - pc optimization tools

System Mechanic Pro by Iolo is a great software option that allows you to easily and quickly clean up your PC, keep it safe, remove any unwanted files, recover data, remove bloatware, etc.

This software’s user interface is easy to understand and offers quick access to all the tools you need to freshen up your PC. System Mechanics Pro blocks all types of viruses and spyware with military-grade data-wiping technology. This allows you to not worry about the security of your files.

You can use this software to recover lost data, no matter if it was lost by any other means, or deleted by mistake. You can recover photos, videos and also documents.

Beyond this, you can also remove bloatware, boost the speeds of your CPU, RAM, and hard drive, and can even repair problems with your PC by consulting the powerful 30k-strong problems database.

This software can also optimize your Windows internet settings in order to achieve better download and upload speeds.

Here are some other features found in System Mechanics Pro:

  • ActiveCare – cleans, repairs, and removes any file clutters and also fixes problems while your PC is in idle mode
  • LiveBoost – gives you the power to customize Windows settings for more stability and performance – processor, memory, hard-disk
  • Ability to clean more than 50 types of junk files
  • Easily deletes the internet and chat history, including system caches
  • Can defrag, compact, optimize and also back up the system registry
  • Program Accelerator – re-aligns the fragments of unfinished programs and defrags them for fast access
  • Stops bloatware from running at startup
  • Speeds up the internet by optimizing the data packages
  • Automatically searches and resolves different Windows security flaws
  • Incinerator – allows you to destroy a file to the level that it can’t be recovered by any software

Download System Mechanic Pro 


Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities Pro - pc optimization tools

Glary Utilities is another great PC optimization tool that allows you to free up disk space, clean the registry, manage the way drivers work, and even keep you private and secure online.

This software contains more than 20 tools that can help you optimize your PC, giving you access to boost PC speeds, error solving, records and controls crashes and freezes of your system, and also allows you to fix keep your software information safe.

Download Glary Utilities Pro 


In this article, we explored two ways in which you can help make your computer work faster, more efficiently, and manage every aspect of the way it does it.

It is recommended that you use both types of software (overclocking and pc tune-up tools) to achieve the best results possible.

Let us know what your opinion is by using the comment section below.

FAQ: Learn more about PC optimization tools

  • What is the best program to clean up my computer?

A program that cleans your computer should delete unnecessary files and restore free space. You can read all about the best tools to free hard disk space.

  • Which is the best PC tune up software?

The updated list of the best PC tune up software can be found in this article. Try our choices and see which fits best for your needs.

  • Why is my PC so slow?

It’s only natural because, over time, the operating system collects a lot of junk from all the activity. If the drop in speed is sudden, it’s most likely related to a faulty Windows Update or a program that eats up all resources and slows everything else down.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2019 and has been since revamped and updated in June 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.