FIX: Surface Pen tilt feature is not working on Windows 10

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Steps to fix Surface Pen tilt issues

  1. Check app compatibility
  2. Check for updates
  3. Adjust Pen sensitivity
  4. Adjust brush settings

One of the key take-aways of the new Surface Pen is its Tilt feature. The reason is obvious too as it gives users newer abilities to let loose their creativity. In fact, the new Tilt feature will let you create the same effect as say, shading, edging and so on. And the technique is similar too as all that you need to do is to hold the pen at about 45-degree angle to create the brushing effect.

However, so much for all the amazing effects that the Tilt functionality can bring along, there also are instances when users complained of the feature not working with their Surface Pen. But then, getting things back on tract isn’t too big a chore either as a few simple steps is all it would take to enable the Tilt functionality once again.

How to restore Tilt functionality on Surface Pen

Solution 1 – Check app compatibility

The Tilt functionality is app dependent, which means you will get to see the effect only if the app supports the same. Among the apps that is compatible with the new Surface Pen include Sketchable, Mental Canvas, DrawBoard PDF, StaffPad and Plumbago.

Of course this isn’t the most exhaustive list so that there might still be few other apps compatible with the new Surface Pen and all of its features. So if you aren’t able to use the Tilt feature, check if the app is compatible with the new Surface Pen.

Solution 2 – Check for updates

Make sure you are running the latest versions of the relevant software as older versions have often been found to interfere with the Surface Pen performance. So if it is the Surface Pro or Surface Book 2, both of which happen to be the only devices that supports the Surface pen‘s tilt functionality at the moment, ensure both the devices are running the latest versions of Windows 10.

Further, Microsoft is yet to reveal if any other Surface devices would be updated to make them compatible with the new Surface Pen and the tilt future. So check for updates if you are owning any other Surface devices other than the two listed above.

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Solution 3 – Adjust Pen sensitivity

Adjusting Pen sensitivity too has been found to enable the tilt feature. Here is how you do it.

  • Launch the Surface App. You can do that simply by typing Surface in the taskbar search box. Alternately, you can also search it manually via the Start button.
  • In the Surface App, select Pen icon. Thereafter, adjust the pen sensitivity by following the on-screen instructions.

Solution 4 – Adjust brush settings

Oftentimes it has been found that the tilt feature has always been working though users didn’t get to visualise it thanks to an improper brush setting. Refer to the individual app documentation to make changes to the brush settings so that the tilt effect becomes visible.

This should be all that you might need to do if the tilt function on your Surface Pen isn’t working.

Also, here are some additional resources that you might like to refer to.


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