Optimize photo keywords with the best keywording tools

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  • Are you looking for accurate keywords for your stock photos, and you don't know what software can help you?
  • This guide is exclusively designed for you. Check out the best photo keywording software to improve your online search results.
  • The Adobe Suite provides you with a tool to enhance your photography, among others, so be sure not to miss it!
  • Check out our article below to find photo keywording software used to keyword and upload photos, videos, and/or vectors on stock sites and more creative solutions.
Photo keywords with the best keywording tools
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Are you looking for accurate keywords for your stock photos? Do you want to improve your photos‘ searchability on stock sites? This article is exclusively designed for you.

In this guide, we are going to be bringing you some of the best photo keywording software, any of which can be employed to generate keywords for your images and consequently improve their search results online.

All creative artists (photographers, graphic designers, and so on) want one thing: RECOGNITION. And the best way to get this is to get their work out there and make it accessible to as many people as possible.

To do this, keywording your artworks (photos, videos, graphics, etc.) and exporting them to the web is the way to go.

While photo upload/export could be a stroll in the park, the preceding process (keywording) could be highly engaging. In fact, many photographers end up spending more time on keywording than they actually spend on taking shots.

Hence, to facilitate photo keywording, save time, and improve productivity, keywording tools were invented. And we will be bringing you seven of the best photo keywording software out there.

What are the best photo keywording software tools?

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop keywording tool

Just when you thought that Adobe might have missed something from its robust creative suite, the Stock Contributor portal makes its entry.

If you’re a Photoshop aficionado and much of your image editing magic is powered by the best imaging and design software, you will be pleased to know that this offers you a great tool to make your content easy to find with the right keywords.

The Stock Contributor allows you to review and reorder keywords for accuracy, delete irrelevant keywords, or edit them while the intelligent auto-keyword tool memorizes your editing preferences to improve your future experiences.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Auto-keyword feature for easy and fast keywording (up to 25 automatic keywords suggestions)
  • Click and drag function to move your keyword up or down
  • Select and affect multiple images (for indexing similar assets)
  • Erase and refresh auto-keywords options
  • Copy and paste function (distributes keywords to different fields if you use an external text file and more)
  • CSV files to track and upload your keywords
Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe provides with a fully compatible tool that will help make your content easy to find with the right keywords, so try it out now!

Free trialVisit website

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock

The almighty Adobe Stock is more than a collection of stunning high-resolution, royalty-free images.

The app is also used as a keywording tool that allows you to get as much recognition for your photos as you want thanks to the right keywords.

All you need to do is upload your image to the Contributor portal, fill in the file type, category, and language you’re using for your title and keywords, then type in a brief title of up to 70 characters that sounds natural when spoken.

The tool will take over and generate the most suitable keywords for a powerful impact on the web.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Indexing panel
  • Examples of effective titles
  • Machine learning-based auto-keywording feature
  • Click and drag to remove or rearrange keywords
  • Multiple keywords selection
  • Automatically translate keywords for other countries and languages

Get Adobe Stock

Lightroom Keywords

Lightroom Keywords best photo keywording software

Lightroom-Keywords is a photo keywording software, specially designed to run on Adobe Lightroom.

The software is exclusively used as a Lightroom plug-in, to generate keywords for images that are refined, edited, recolored, or manipulated by Lightroom.

It offers a swift keywording procedure, which typically takes minutes or even seconds.

Basically, it offers you the flexibility of running all your photographic workflow on Lightroom from taking shots, to editing, keywording, and uploading on stock sites.

It is an essential time and money-saving tool, which, if used as appropriate, would improve your operational efficiency and overall productivity.

Lightroom-Keywords typically runs on customizable AI technology, which automatically generates accurate keywords for stock photos.

Other key features of the software include CSV conversion, multi-format support, support for Lightroom 5 (and above), keyword preview, auto-suggest, YouTube tutorial (how-to guide), free trial, and more.

Lightroom-Keywords services are offered on a credit basis. The number of credits purchased determines the number of photos you can keyword and export to stock sites.

Get Lightroom-Keywords


Xpiks best photo keywording software

Xpiks is arguably the best photo keywording software, which is widely used by many creative artists to keyword and upload their photos, videos, and/or vectors on stock sites.

The software is cross-compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Xpiks offers you an intuitive interface, designed to speed up your workflow and get your images on microstock with the most suitable keywords. Essentially, you are able to save valuable time, while also improving productivity.

The unique feature of Xpiks is probably the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) setup, which facilitates file uploading after a suitable keyword has been generated by the software.

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With this, you don’t have to export to another software before you can get your photographs on stock sites.

Furthermore, Xpiks offers a set of photo editing tools, which allow you to put final touches or modifications to your photos before uploading them online.

Other key features of Xpiks include keywords suggestion, multi-format video & image file support (MP4, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and so on), keyword autocomplete, spelling check, auto-correction, translator (multilingual support), and many more.

Xpiks is offered to all and sundry at absolutely no charge, as the software is being financed by donations from all over the world.

Get Xpiks


KeywordsReady best photo keywording software

KeywordsReady is a photo keywording software, designed to facilitate keywords generation for stock photos, and improve their rankings on stock sites.

It is a cloud-based software; hence, it is not platform-dependent. This means that it can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac, and even mobile platforms.

As such, it is the ultimate photo keywording software for a good number of photographers across the globe.

This software is very easy to use, requiring you to only drag & drop photos on the site, and the software automatically generates keywords for the uploaded photos.

To upload photos on the software, you are afforded the flexibility of selecting images directly from your device or simply attach direct URL links (to the images). Either way, the software will generate suitable keywords for you within seconds.

Furthermore, KeywordsReady features the latest in artificial intelligence, with a powerful AI-enhanced image recognition tool. Other features include autosuggestion, Chrome extension, video guide, online support, APIs, intuitive interface, and many more.

KeywordsReady is free web-based software. However, you’ll have to sign up on the website to create an account, before you can enjoy the full features it offers.

Get KeywordsReady

EasyResource – Keywording & Metadata

EasyResource - Keywording & Metadata best photo keywording software

EasyResource is another prominent photo keywording service provider out there. It offers keywording services to photographers and graphic designers, and also facilitates photo and video upload/export to prominent stock sites like Alamy and Getty.

Metadata is often overlooked when preparing keywords; however, it is an essential aspect of keywording. And EasyResource provides you a durable avenue to use the service.

This ensures your photos are properly keyworded and ranked on the hosting stock websites, thereby making them accessible to more people.

Other keywording & metadata features of EasyResource include creative keywording, weighted keywords, auto-tagging, translation, keyword cleansing, auto-tagging, keyword captions, keyword description, and more.

EasyResource’s keywording & metadata services are offered by custom pricing. To get the solution, contact their sales team.


MyKeyworder best photo keywording software

MyKeyworder is a photo keywording software, widely used by thousands of photographers and graphic designers to generate suitable keywords for their photos/designs.

It houses flexible support for macOS computers and modern Windows PC.

This software is very easy to use; keywording a photo is as simple as importing a photo, generating keywords, and saving the generated keywords on the photo.

It is especially suitable for users with Adobe Lightroom, as its design makes it flexible enough to integrate and work in sync with Lightroom.

This way, you can easily keyword any photo that is processed and/or edited by Lightroom, and upload it directly to stock sites.

Other features of MyKeyworder include: AI-optimized keyword search and image recognition, Shutterstock optimizer, Google APIs, grammar highlighting (and correction), batch mode, thumbnail adjustment, alphabetical keyword order, copy-paste field, and more.

MyKeyworder is a free program, financed with user donations from all over the world. The free package, however, comes with limited features.

And to unlock the full package, you’ll have to make a subscription (make a donation of $10 or more).

Get MyKeyworder

Photo keywording software is an essential tool in photography today, especially if you are a stock photographer. With accurate keywords, your stock photos would be near-invincible on the web.

Keywording tools can help you generate concise keywords for your photos, and save you quality time, money, and efforts in the process.

So if you are looking to improve your rankings on stock sites, give these tools a try and share your impressions with us via the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • To access the Metadata Panel in Lightroom, use this path: Edit -> Catalog Settings -> Library module. Also, for more parametric image editing software take a closer look at our comprehensive list.

  • Type keywords in the dedicated field from the Keywording panel -> Keywords Area. Use commas (,) to delimit one keyword from another and pipes ( | ) to indicate the hierarchical order of keywords. Here’s how to install Adobe Lightroom without Creative Cloud.

  • Open the Keywording panel and select your keyword by right-clicking it. Then choose the Edit Keyword Tag option from the proposed menu and make the necessary adjustments.

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