How to play RuneScape in browser

Games work better in a dedicated browser like Opera GX

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • RuneScape is a popular MMORPG, and it has gone through massive changes over the years.
  • It started as a browser game, and today we’re going to see if the game can still run in that way.
  • Also, find out if there's a mobile version for RuneScape.
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RuneScape is one of the most popular online RPG games, and what makes this game special is its ability to run in your browser.

With new web technologies and new browsers appearing, the question remains how to play RuneScape in your browser and can you still play it? Today we’ll find that out.

Can you play RuneScape on a mobile browser?

You can’t play RuneScape on a mobile browser, or for that matter any browser since these don’t offer support for Java anymore. The same applies if you try to play OSRS in a browser.

Though, the developers launched a mobile app for RuneScape on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Just download it and play your favorite game.

Does RuneScape still use Java?

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Yes, RuneScape still supports Java, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t play the game anymore on your computer. You can simply download RuneScape on your computer from the official website and play RuneScape online.

It was released when several browsers like Chrome and Firefox dropped support for Java, and as a result, users couldn’t play RuneScape in a browser.

How can I play RuneScape in browser?

1. Can you still play RuneScape in browser?

browser support play runescape in browser

No, RuneScape can’t be played in modern web browsers anymore. The game is made in Java, and over the years, browsers fully dropped support for Java due to security concerns.

As a result, RuneScape, and any other Java-based games can’t run in modern web browsers anymore. If you want to play RuneScape, you need to download and install its desktop client.

However, RuneScape developers are suggesting that the game might still run in Internet Explorer.

2. How to run RuneScape in Internet Explorer?

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to the Java download page and click on Java Download.

    download java play runescape in browser

  3. After installing Java, try to start RuneScape.

Can you play RuneScape on Xbox One browser?

Yes, it’s possible to play RuneScape with Xbox One on the Edge browser with GeForce Now. Several users have tried it out, and it works seamlessly for most, but some complained about grainy graphics.

So, you can play RuneScape classic in a browser on Xbox One, though you would be asked to sign in with the Steam account. And, the added keyboard and mouse support for the console will only enhance the gaming experience.

Even though RuneScape isn’t available anymore in modern browsers on PC, there are many other games that work. In order to achieve the best performance in those games, it’s advised to use Opera GX.

This browser has low resource usage, and thanks to the GX Control feature you can easily allocate your resources and ensure that both your browser and other applications are running smoothly.

There’s also Twitch integration that allows you to follow your favorite streamers and check your notifications easily. Thanks to the pop-out video player, you can also watch videos while multitasking.

Additional features include a built-in ad blocker and a free and unlimited VPN that should provide you with an extra layer of protection.


Feel as if you are playing your favorite browser game on the ultimate gaming rig thanks to the fantastic visuals of Opera GX.

Playing RuneScape in modern web browsers on PC isn’t possible anymore, but you might have some luck playing it in Internet Explorer, so feel free to try that.

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