PlayStation Now allow Windows PC gamers to play PS4 games at their leisure

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PlayStation Now is a video game streaming service provided by Sony, the creator of the very popular and successful PlayStation console. This service is one of a few trying to explore video game streaming.

While people are already used to content streaming, mostly in the form of music or video, video game streaming is a completely new concept for many people. Now, Sony has announced that it will be adding PS4 games to the collection of games offered by the PS Now service.

PC gamers have reason to be happy

This means gamers will be able to play PlayStation 4 games directly on their PCs as long as they are using the PS Now service. For those that haven’t gotten a chance to brush up on modern gaming habits, game streaming implies that the actual games are run and processed on the service provider’s machines. The visual information is sent via internet to users, which control the game remotely. This allows people to play high-end games that won’t run on older PCs, so there’s no need to fully upgrade a computer just for playing a game.

There will be a private beta soon

Sony will start sending out invitations for a beta of the upgraded service. It is not yet known what the criteria are to enter this beta, but Sony will probably be more specific about that when the time is right. This testing period will begin sometime in the following weeks, according to Sony.

This update will make a huge difference

This PS4 game update is pretty massive since prior to it, PS Now users only had PS3 games at their disposal. This achieves Sony’s goal of getting fans excited but the company hasn’t publicly announced what games will be included on the list. It is expected that Sony will pull some pretty big PS4-geberation names out of its magic hat.

People are heavily betting on exclusive titles and new-age popular games which people have been moping about not being able to play since their release. Bringing old games everyone has already played or experience kind of beats the point of the service, so there are slim chances of titles of that nature to make an appearance.



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