How can I stop PowerPoint security notifications during presentations?

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PowerPoint is the world’s most popular software tool for creating presentations, but it too can be plagued by several issues.

Some of these issues include PowerPoint security notices popping up during presentations which can be rather bothersome.

How to disable PowerPoint security notice

1. Make your security notices invisible for the audiences

Make sure the computer that is running the presentation is connected to another monitor that only the audience can see.

  1. Select the Slide Show tab
  2. Click on the Monitors group
  3. Click on the Use Presenter View check box
  4. Back in the Monitors list, choose the monitor you want the audience to watch.
  5. Run the presentation

Note: There’s a possibility you may need to modify some monitor display settings beforehand:

  1. Press Home
  2. Type in Control Panel and open it
  3. Check the Display Settings dialog box
  4. Select the monitor icon which corresponds to the monitor your audience will watch
  5. Check the box labeled Extend my Windows Desktop onto this monitor and confirm your action
  6. Open your PowerPoint presentation
  7. Select the Slide Show tab
  8. Click on the Start Slide Show group
  9. Select either From Beginning or From Current Slide.

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2. Prevent security notice before even starting the presentation

  1. Select the File tab in PowerPoint
  2. Click Options
  3. A dialogue box called PowerPoint Options will open, click on the Trust Center
  4. Select Trust Center Settings
  5. Click Trusted Locations
  6. Choose the Add new location option and choose the folder where your presentation is being kept, if its not already there in the first place.

This will prevent the PowerPoint Trust Center from sending security notices on your screen during presentations by moving your file into a trusted location on your PC.

Alternatively, you could retain the location of this trusted folder, and simply place all future presentations there.

This way, you won’t have to repeat the above-mentioned steps again and again for each future presentation.



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