How to switch to Presentation Mode in Windows 10

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Microsoft Powerpoint is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to Office Suites. Powerpoint has been the one of the most preferred presentation application from more than a decade.

I have personally used the Powerpoint when I worked earlier at a consulting firm and one of the glaring issues was the email notifications/alerts during ongoing presentations. Yet another issue is the screen saver turning on after a few minutes.

What is Windows Presentation Settings?

Unknown to most of us Microsoft has already pondered about the issue and the best part is that they have a feature to make it happen.

The Presentation mode works similar to the DND mode on your smartphone. With the Presentation Mode switched on the Windows will automatically mute all the alerts and the notifications.

Interestingly, the Presentation Settings was introduced with Windows Vista but it has been missing on some of the Windows 10 Versions, for instance, the Presentation Mode is missing from Windows 10 Home Edition.

How to Activate/Turn On Windows Presentation Mode

When the Windows Presentation mode is turned on the laptop doesn’t go to sleep and all the system notifications are turned off temporarily.

Users can also set a particular background and adjust the speaker volume for the Presentation mode. These settings will be applied whenever the Presentation Mode is activated. We will guide you through the necessary steps required to switch on the Windows Presentation mode.

  • Go to Windows Mobility Center and look out for the “Presentation Settings.”
  • In the Settings tile click on the “Turn On” button. This will activate the Presentation Settings
  • Settings can be changed by typing “presentationsettings.exe” in the Start Search and pressing Enter

Additionally one can also create a desktop shortcut for the same by using the following path name, “C:WindowsSystem32PresentationSettings.exe”. Alternatively, you can also use the presentationsettings/start and presentationsettings/stop to toggle the settings.

Yet another easy way to access Presentation Settings is by going to the Search Bar and searching for the following terms “Adjust settings before giving a presentation.” The Presentation Settings can also be changed from here by toggling it on/off.

Turn on Airplane Mode

Well, this method comes with some limitations but it works nevertheless. If you are certain of not using the internet during the presentation simply Switch on the “Airplane Mode.”

This will ensure that the notifications don’t disturb your presentation. However, this method is not useful against the Windows screen saver which will still appear after a certain period of inactivity.


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