Rainbow Six Siege Packet Loss: What Is It and How to Fix It?

Graphics settings and ISP throttling could be the main issue of latency

by Vlad Constantinescu
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  • Rainbow Six Siege is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft and released in December 2015.
  • Sometimes, during online play, you may encounter certain issues, but packet loss is by far the worst one you'll ever have to deal with.
  • The game requires gaming hardware, so you may need to make an update with your PC graphics to make it run faster.
  • Also, to fix ISP throttling, try and install a VPN that is optimized for gaming. Read more in today's article! 
Packet loss Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft and released in December 2015. It has gathered quite the fan base as today, 5 years after its launch, it still has a lot of players online.

The game is heavily focused on player cooperation. Thus, having a flawless connection can make the difference between winning and losing a match.

Players team up as attackers or defenders and engage in operations such as rescuing hostages, taking control of objectives, defusing bombs, or stopping the other team from accomplishing these tasks.

Rainbow Six Siege is by no means a fast-paced action game. It’s mostly about strategy and player creativity since there’s a lot of emphasis on environmental destruction.

For instance, you can fire bullets into walls and make holes to spot targets or blast them entirely with explosives.

As we’ve casually mentioned above, you need quite an Internet connection to be able to enjoy this game. Mainly because, like any other online game, Rainbow Six Siege is also affected by things such as packet loss, jitter, and high latency.

Why do I have packet loss in Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege high ping 2022 is not uncommon, especially if you have disruptions through the connections and provoke Rainbow Six Siege latency issues from the game servers.

What else happens while playing the game:

  • R6 jitter packet loss or latency and jitter – These are the results of an unstable connection to the server. This could be caused by your own internet provider throttling your network
  • Rainbow Six Siege constant packet loss for PS5, Xbox, and PC can be fixed if you use port forwarding to ensure that your connection is set up correctly for the game.
  • Rainbow Six Siege rubberbanding with low ping or lagging with low ping is caused by a lot of devices connected to your router and if your router has a specific security system it will throttle the upload transfer.

With Rainbow Six Siege packet loss is no different. The environment in which this issue occurs is the only thing that’s different.

Players who experience it complain about stutters, rubberbanding, high ping, and even disconnects. All of these team up to render the game almost unplayable, or unenjoyable, to say the least.

What causes packet loss in R6?

The main cause of packet loss in Rainbow Six Siege is network congestion. The network can be congested either on your end or the game server. In both cases, the best course of action would be to wait it out.

Packet loss happens whenever packets of data you send or receive never make it to their destination. This, in turn, can cause other negative events such as rubberbanding, slowdowns, latency spikes, crashes, or even connection timeouts.

We know it’s not ideal, but unless you can perform some proper network management and subnet organizing, there’s little you can do about it.

How to fix packet loss in Rainbow Six Siege?

1. Use a zero-lag proven VPN

In order to fix packet loss, we recommend installing a VPN that bypasses ISP throttling.

  1. Download and install ExpressVPN. (We tested the packet loss with it)
  2. Launch it and login with your credentials.
  3. Connect to a Recommended Location offered by ExpressVPN.
  4. Run Rainbow Six Siege.
  5. Check if the problem still persists.

ExpressVPN is an excellent all-around VPN service from Kape Technologies. It can help you improve packet loss, but also safe-keep your privacy, boost your connection and even unblock geo-restricted content.

Since there is only one host server for everyone joining the multiplayer game Rainbow Six Siege, with ExpressVPN you can connect to a particular server of your choice and fix connection issues.

However, note that in order for this fix to work, your ISP must be the cause of the packet leaks. If packet loss occurs on your end or the Rainbow Six Siege game servers, VPNs won’t do much for you.


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2. Troubleshoot and fix the issue manually

Packet loss analysis Windows with tracert and pathping
  1. Use our guide to run a pathping packet loss test.
  2. Notice the hop that leaks packets.
  3. Depending on the location of the leak, take any of the following actions:

✅Check/repair/replace/update/upgrade any faulty components on your home network (PC, router, network adapter, cables)

✅Call your ISP and ask them (nicely) if they can alleviate the situation

✅Ask your ISP to contact the network distribution company in order to fix the issue

✅Contact the Rainbow Six Siege support crew and inform them if one of their servers has issues

We say this again, and we can’t stress it enough, but oftentimes a packet loss issue will fix itself. Network congestion isn’t something under your control, and unless the congestion is located on your ISP’s network, there’s little you can do about it.

If it is, in fact, located on your ISP’s network, you can use a VPN to circumvent it.

How do I make Rainbow Six Siege faster?

Although we strongly advise against purchasing a prebuilt desktop, you could build one yourself instead. Even without a graphics card, a Ryzen 3 2200G can achieve 60 FPS in 1080p at the lowest settings.

Purchase at least 8GB of 3200mhz RAM, a 500-watt power supply with an 80+ bronze rating from a reputable manufacturer, and a B450 (or B450M for micro-ITX pc frame) motherboard. If you have extra cash to spend on a graphics card, we recommend the RX 580. (4GB or 8GB).

Siege belongs in the same category as CS:GO. There is no other game to compete in with them. Because the graphics are worse in CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege runs faster.

To make Rainbow Six Siege run faster, you should update your PC hardware and install a VPN to optimize your network connection via port forwarding.

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Check out our best VPNs to improve packet loss. Visit the Gaming Hub to discover more awesome reviews, guides, and tips & tricks.

Bottom line is, if you’re experiencing packet loss in Rainbow Six Siege, don’t sweat it. If you can afford the luxury of waiting it out, then do so. More often than not, the issue is caused by network congestion, which comes and goes.

However, if you suspect your ISP of foul play, try using a VPN, or contacting them. You could also troubleshoot your home network and upgrade, repair, or replace any outdated, broken, or faulty components.

Last, but not least, try using a wired connection. Wi-Fi leaks packets more often than wired connections since it’s subject to a few additional factors that can cause it.

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