How to resize an image to fit the desktop background [Best tips]

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  • When we find an interesting picture while browsing online, we sometimes want to resize the image to desktop size.
  • Learn how to resize desktop background in Windows 10 by using dedicated image editing tools.
  • You can also try using some of Windows 10's native image editors since they are also good.
  • All of the methods presented below result in you being able to resize images without quality loss.
resize image to desktop size
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Whenever you find an interesting image while browsing the Internet, you may want to save it in your computer. This is the moment when it is useful to know how to resize image to desktop size.

Usually, people will use Windows to stretch an image so that it may fill the computer screen. In general, this seems to be a good idea, but sometimes, your image may be cut off at the wrong end.

The best action you can perform is to resize the desired image so that, in the end, it will fit the screen just fine.

Users have discussed about how to resize image to desktop size in the Microsoft forum:

I am very upset about this thing. In the past, I was able to adjust the size of my pictures before I set them as my desktop image. There used to be a menu before that asked me if I wish to keep the original size of picture, or if I wanted it centered, tiled, or fit to screen.

I don’t know where to find the option to do this.

We have compiled a few efficient solutions that will allow you to resize image to desktop size. Read the following section and learn how to modify the size of an image to fit your desktop background.

What can I do if I want to resize image to desktop size?

1. Use a dedicated software

You may find yourself in the situation when you have downloaded a small size image and need to increase its size to fit your desktop. If you use the programs already encompassed in Windows, that image might suffer a quality loss.

There is an efficient way to scale up an image at more than 100% of its original size. While performing this action, you will also avoid that the new image is pixelated or blurry.

We recommend you to use Adobe Photoshop, dedicated software that is useful for a great variety of editing activities. It allows users to perfect their skills in photo editing, animation, digital painting, and graphic design.

Your ideas will be brought to life on various devices and you can use the AI to transform images just how you want them to look like.

If you use Livestream, you will also learn new skills and discover a fast way to share your projects.

Adobe Photoshop

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2. Use the Photos app

  1. Double-click on your image to open it in Photos.
  2. Click the three dots icon in the top right corner and select Resize.Select Resize in Windows Photos
  3. Select one of the three preset sizes or click Define custom dimensions.Options to resize image in Windows Photos
  4. Select your desired dimensions and click Save resized copy

Windows 10 has a useful application that allows you to modify your pictures. When you use Photos, it will be easy to resize image to desktop size.

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If you opt for the custom dimensions mentioned in step three, then you will have access to the size of your image. Another great thing is that you can also choose the quality of your resized image.

Keep in mind that when you choose a higher quality for your picture, this will also increase the size of the image file.

Also, if you have checked Maintain aspect ratio, you must change only height or width, and the other criteria will change automatically to match your choice.

3. Use Microsoft Paint

  1. Type in Paint in the search box near the Start button. Open Paint
  2. Click on File, select Open and choose your image. Open image in Paint
  3. From the Home tab, click Resize and navigate to Resize and Skew.Resize and Skew in Paint
  4. Set the size for your future resized image.
  5. Click OK to implement changes, select File and Save As to save the new image.

After you have selected the desired image for resize from your computer files, verify the Resize and Skew section in Paint. To resize image to desktop size or to add it other values in terms of height and width, there are two variants.

The first one is to choose setting image size by percentage, making it X% bigger or smaller. The second one is to adjust image by Pixels and input the dimensions you want for the new image.

When you have chosen to resize image to desktop size by Pixels, you can check Maintain aspect ratio. In this case, you must only specify the desired height or width for your future resized image.

The program will automatically set the other dimension.

You can try different solutions to resize image to desktop size. In our previous section, we have prepared the best and efficient ones.

Use professional software that offers lots of possibilities in terms of image editing. The best tool in this regard is Adobe Photoshop, and we highly recommend it to create an image just how you desire it.

The other two programs you can use are Photos and Paint, available to use in your operating system.

Test our recommended software to resize image to desktop size. Let us know in a comment how everything worked out.

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