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by Tashreef Shareef
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Revolut is a popular financial startup that operates as a bank but purely on a digital basis through an app. Being a fully digital service, opening a Revolut bank account is easy and takes no more than 10 minutes. However, what if you want to delete Revolut account or currency account?

You may have several reasons to close your Revolut account. You probably don’t like the service, you are not actively using it and don’t want to keep your details with the financial firm. Irrespective of the reason, closing your Revolut account is easy.

In this article, we take you through the process to successfully delete Revolut account with ease.

Steps to delete Revolut account

1. Delete Revolut currency account

  1. If you only want to delete an inactive currency account, do the following.
  2. Login to your Revolut App.
  3. From the main screen, tap on Three Dots (bottom right corner).
    delete revolut account
  4. Go to your Profile and tap on Account Details.
  5. Depending on which inactive account you want to remove, tap on the account currency and swipe left.
    delete revolut account
  6. Tap on Deactivate and then confirm.

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2. Contact live agent to delete your account

  1. Before deleting your Revolut account, you need to do a couple of things so that you don’t lose any of your money in the process.
  2. According to Revolut, before closing the account, the users should withdraw all currency balances in their account. All transactions (card payments, transfer) must be completed.
  3. This is important because once the account is closed, all the cards linked to the account will be terminated.
  4. Once you have made sure that all the currencies are withdrawn from the account, you need to contact Revolut live agent.
  5. You can find more details about contacting the live agent on the Revolut website or on the app.
  6. The live agents will ask you some security questions before closing the account.

 What’s not Deleted?

delete revolut account

According to Revolut, the company keeps the user data for 6 years due to financial regulations. However, your account is completely deleted and no transaction can be made through the concerned account.

 What to consider before deleting your account?

delete revolut account

As discussed earlier, deleting Revolut account is easy if you follow the procedure correctly. However, there are a few things to consider before deleting your account.

According to Revolut, it can be difficult to reopen another Revolut account if the Mobile number is already associated with a closed account.

Additionally, it does not cost anything to keep your standard Revolut account active. So, even if you are not using Revolut service actively, you can still keep the account active without paying any fee.

In case you are using premium Revolut account with a monthly subscription, you can change the account bank to standard plan to avoid paying any fees. However, Revolut may charge a small delivery fee for the physical Revolut card.


That’s it. We have discussed all the steps that you need to take to delete Revolut account safely without any hassle. However, make sure you consider other points in the article before deleting your account.


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