How to Save a GIF from Twitter [Computer, iPhone, Android]

Let a third-party app do the job within seconds

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Twitter is a great platform, but what if you want to download a certain GIF from Twitter?
  • In today’s article, we’re going to show you how to save a GIF from Twitter on your PC, Android, and iOS device.
  • You will need to use third-party apps to do so, but they are all free and easy to use, as you will see.
save animated gif from twitter
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Animated GIFs are everywhere, and sometimes you might want to save an interesting GIF to your device and share it later.

This is pretty simple to do, and in today’s article, we’ll show you how to save GIFs from Twitter on your device.

How can I download GIFs from Twitter on my Windows PC?

1. Use Ezgif

1. Go to Twitter and open the tweet that has the GIF that you want to save.

2. Copy the tweet’s address.

copy gif address twitter

3. Go to the Ezgif website.

4. Paste the link and click on Upload.

upload gif to ezgif

5. Click the play button to play the video.

6. Right-click the video and choose Save Video As.

save gif from twitter using ezgif

7. Optional: Click on Convert to GIF and then right-click the GIF and choose Save Image As.

save as option ezgif

You can easily save your favorite GIFs from Twitter to your PC via third-party apps, such as Ezgif. It is free to use and does not need to be downloaded, which makes it very convenient to use.

When downloading a GIF image using a third-party app, it will be downloaded to your computer as an MP4 file. You would then need to convert it back to a proper GIF image. 

2. Use Twdownload

  1. Copy the link to the tweet that contains a GIF.
  2. Go to the Twdownload website.
  3. Paste the link and click the Download button.twitter video downloader save animated gif from twitter
  4. Now click on Download Link.
    download link save animated gif from twitter
  5. The video will now appear. Right-click it and choose Save Video As.

These are two websites that allow you to download GIFs from Twitter, but you can use any other since they all work more or less the same.

How can I save a GIF from Twitter on my phone?

1. On iPhone

  1. Download the GIFwrapped app.
    GIFwrapped save animated gif from twitter
  2. Locate the Twitter GIF that you want to save.
  3. Now tap the down arrow in the top-right corner and choose Share Tweet via > Copy link to Tweet.
  4. Open the GIFwrapped app, paste the URL, and tap on Search.
  5. Now tap the Save Image icon and choose the save destination for the GIF.

If you’re not a fan of GIFwrapped, you can always use Gifitize or any other similar app.

2. On Android

  1. Install Tweet2gif.
    Tweet2gif save animated gif from twitter
  2. On Twitter, select Copy Link to Tweet from the upper-right menu.
  3. Switch to the Tweet2gif app and paste the link.
  4. Now click Download.

In order to save animated GIFs from Twitter, you need to use third-party services such as Ezgif or Twdownload.

As for Android and iPhone, Tweet2gif and GIFwrapped apps are the way to go, but you can also use any other web service that supports GIF downloading.

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