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  • Modern cities cannot function if septic pumping systems don't work properly.
  • To get the job done efficiently, the use of software becomes the ideal solution.
  • We've written a few tips on how you can run a septic pumping system, and gave suggestions on a service that can help.
  • Read about the topic below and decide whether the service is worth trying out or not.
septic pumping system
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With the population growing and the circulation of food and products increasing exponentially, the management of waste, in all of its forms, becomes more and more important.

When it comes to biological waste, septic pumping systems are the ideal way of managing it, although not everyone can do it, and even specialists can’t do it efficiently at scale without the aid of dedicated software.

That being the case, if you’re in the septic pumping system business, we’ve decided to look over several criteria that you need to look over when choosing your software, as well as providing you with suggestions of our own.

How can I use software to help my pumping business?

Companies that deal with this matter, both big and small, know just how time-consuming the process of managing a septic businesscan be.

Besides the deployment of your vehicles to their designated locations and the gathering of the waste, there’s also the logistics behind it all, meaning the paperwork.

This includes filling out forms, invoicing, scheduling driver routes, and accounting, all of which are managed by your staff.

Even though these tasks are a key component of your business,
your customers don’t usually think much about them and these activities aren’t adding to your bottom line.

From this brief description alone, one would probably think that using software would be actually easy, but here lies another issue: You need too many types of software to do just one job.

As an example, businesses that deal with septic pumping systems could really use the following:

  • Routing software so that your vehicles can get on location faster and with lower fuel costs.
  • Inventory management software so that you can always track your assets, clients, and tasks.
  • Scheduling software that can go hand-in-hand with your routing software so that things can be done faster, and in a more efficient order.
  • Accounting software to help with all the paperwork that precedes and follows every single job.
  • Tax and invoicing software so that payments can be done faster and, again, in a more efficient manner.

Of course, there are other tools that you should look for as well. For example, your drivers would greatly benefit from routing software that can work without a constant Internet connection.

Additionally, having a system that is easy to use that also displays data in a manner that is easy to read and understand is also a big plus.

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Unfortunately, software licenses can be quite expensive, and when you start adding up the costs for all of your licenses, they add up to quite a large sum of money, even if you got them all at a bargain.

While the task itself could be done just as well without software, his could get extremely time-consuming, and it also makes way for plenty of human error.

More so, there will be extra costs to consider in the long run, either because the drivers took longer or inefficient routes, or because you failed to respond to your customers or send invoices on time.

In these situations, the best solution would be to simply use software specifically designed for this line of work, in this case, septic pumping systems.


One such all-inclusive service designed specifically for the septic and FOG industry is ServiceCore, and it has features from all of the software tools mention above blended together to work in unison.

This makes it so that every department of your business has a transparent overview of what the other is doing, allowing for more coordinated workflows and better communication.

Here are some of the features that you can use while testing our ServiceCore:

  • Route optimization
  • Inventory management
  • A mobile app that also works without Internet connection
  • Business insight via a dashboard
  • Accounting and invoicing
  • Software integrations with other popular services like QuickBooks
  • Customer management tools
  • Scheduling and dispatch


Manage your city’s septic waste more efficiently and for better profits with this amazing all-in-one service!

Book a DemoVisit website

There are other similar tools out there as well, but we considered that ServiceCore is indeed fully equipped to get the job done all by itself without the help of other software, and it’s not hard to learn either.

That being said, learning how to use ServiceCore, especially after you book a demo to try it out, is pretty much the same as figuring out septic pumping systems.

That being said, managing your septic pumping business is only hard if you use the wrong methods and tools, so if your goal is eliminating waste, keeping your customers happy and your pockets full, you need software.

What are your opinions about using septic pumping system software? Let us know what you expect it to provide you with by leaving your feedback in the comments section below.

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