How to Set the Default Save Location in Windows 10

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Windows 10 brings a lot of novelties, and one of them is the ability to set default save location for your files, other than the system drive. In fact, you can choose if you want to save your documents, pictures, etc. to the system drive, or you want to store them on an external drive.
How To Set The Default Save Location In Windows 10
But there’s one limitation of this method. Because you’re unable to change the default save location of apps that you download and install on your computer. You can only change the default save location of documents, images and other files, but since Windows 10 is still in it’s testing phase, we wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft decides to change that.

To set the default save location for your files in Windows 10, do the following:

  • While on the desktop window, go to the Start Menu
  • From Start menu, under the Places section from the left pane, click on Settings
  • In the Settings window, click the System icon
  • From the navigation pane of the System window, click to select the Storage Sense option
  • Under the Save locations section from the right pane, choose the drop-down list under the Save new documents to option
  • In the displayed window, click the drive letter representing the external connected storage device where you want to set the default save location for your documents, pictures and other files
  • Now you’ve set the default save location for your files and you can continue using your PC normally

Some users reported that they’re unable to change their default save location, as they’re forced to set it to a system drive. And if you also have this problem, you have to check if your other hard disk, or an external storage is connected properly to your computer and is fully functional, because if it’s not connected well, it might cause some problems in Storage Sense and you’ll be unable to set your default save location to that drive.

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Is there an update to this? Since the latest release of Win 10 in April I can no longer change my default save location. I had set it as my Google drive folder. Do to a change in hard drives I had to redo my install, and it will no longer allow me to change to Google drive as the default! It seems to be trying to force me to use One Drive, which I hate! Any thoughts?