Skype’s chat panel shifts to the right of the screen

by Madalina Dinita
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Microsoft announced the new preview build for Skype insiders. Besides bringing other features to Windows and macOS, the latest build also moves the In-call chat box to the right of the screen.

This change was introduced to the latest build following user feedbacks. In the previous update, the in-call chat panel appeared on the left which blocked users to see the conversation lists during the call.

Skype users had strongly asked for the side by side chat and conversation list feature. Microsoft positively responded to the feedback and has removed the chat box from the left side and arranged it to the right side of the screen so that the left side of the screen is spared for the conversation list.

skype chat panel

Here’s what Microsoft says about this change:

We’ve heard your feedback regarding the positioning of the chat panel while in a Skype call. In our previous versions of Skype 8, the chat panel opened up on the left and prevented you from seeing your lists of conversations at the same time as the chat for the current call. Today, we’re excited to announce that the chat panel for the current call will always open up on the right side! We’ve also made it resizable!

As you can see, the chat box is now completely resizable. In the older versions of Skype 8, the chat box was unchangeable, but the latest Skype Insider Preview build v8.40.76.32 allows users to adjust the side of chat list according to their preferences.

The latest Skype build also includes the features which were present in previous versions of Skype. This incorporates features like blurring the background in video calls.

This feature creates an outline around the body parts during the video call and makes the background blur. Though this feature is yet bounded to desktop only, it is not clear when the company would launch this feature on mobile devices.

Microsoft introduces updates for Skype on regular basis to make Skype a good experience for everyone. This new feature would be available to all the users in near future.


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