FIX: Skype won’t close in Windows 10

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  • Without a doubt Skype is one of the best instant messaging services on the market.
  • Skype has its share of issues, and many users reported that Skype won’t close on their PC.
  • Fixing this issue is easy, and you just need to close Skype from the system tray or from Task Manager.
  • This isn’t the only issue that users had with Skype, and if you’re looking for more useful guides like this, head over to our Skype section.
Fix Skype won't close in Windows 10
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How do I force quit Skype?

  1. Close Skype from system tray
  2. Uninstall Skype and replace it with the latest version
  3. Close Skype using the Task Manager
  4. Create a .bat file

Windows 10 is here, and we are loving it so far. But some users have reported a few bugs affecting Skype.

Namely, they’re not able to close the application. So in this article, we’re going to show you a couple of solutions for this problem

Dozens of Windows 10 users have reported one strange bug with Skype on their computers which prevents them from shutting down the program.

If you want to shut down Skype, usually you would right click the icon in your Taskbar and select “Quit Skype” from context menu.

However, many users have reported that they cannot exit Skype this way, therefore we’re providing you with a few workarounds.

What can I do if Skype won’t close on my computer?

1. Close Skype from system tray

quit skype

If you’re one of those users that cannot close Skype via Taskbar, try closing it via system tray. First go to the bottom right edge of your screen, and there should be a Skype icon next to your clock.

If no Skype icon is available, it might be hidden, so you need to press an arrow button in order to reveal it. After finding the Skype icon in system tray, right-click on it and then press Quit Skype.

2. Uninstall Skype and replace it with the latest version

There’s one more fix available and it requires you to uninstall the current version of Skype.

After uninstalling Skype from your computer, you need to head over to the Skype’s website, download the latest version of Skype and reinstall it.

After reinstalling Skype, you should be able to close it via Taskbar, without going to the system tray.

We have to point out that this solution didn’t fix the problem on all Windows 10 computers, but it has helped number of users, so it’s worth checking out.

Looking for the best uninstalling tools? Here are the best options.

3. Close Skype using the Task Manager

If this doesn’t help, and you still can’t quit Skype, you can always turn it off using Task Manager. Head over to your Taskbar, right-click on it and then choose Task Manager from the context menu.

end task skype

When Task Manager opens up, scroll down the list until you find Skype process, select it, and press “End Task” button. This will forcefully and successfully close Skype.

Alternatively, you can use a third-party Task Manager from our fresh list!

4. Create a .bat file

Another method to force quit Skype is to create a batch file and add the following lines in it:

  • taskkill /f /im skypeapp.exe
  • taskkill /f /im skypehost.exe

Save the file to your desktop and simply open it in order to turn off Skype.

At this time we don’t know what is causing this issue, and Microsoft is working really hard to patch Skype and to resolve this minor problem, and we’re hoping that official fix will be available soon to all Windows 10 users.

If you have any other Windows 10-related issues you can check for the solution in our Windows 10 Fix section.

FAQ: Learn more about Skype

  • How do I get the Skype icon on my desktop Windows 10?

To get a Skype icon on your Desktop, search for Skype in the Search bar. Once you locate it, drag and drop the Skype shortcut to your Desktop. As an alternative, you can also use the Skype website.

  • How do I stop Skype from auto starting?

To stop Skype from starting along with Windows, have a look at our guide on this subject.

  • How do I kill a Skype process?

Open Task Manager, and in the Processes tab right-click Skype. Now choose End Task from the menu. If the software doesn’t close, have a look at our guide to fixing it.

  • How do I get rid of Skype on Windows 10?

To remove Skype from Windows 10, go to Settings app > Apps. Select the version of Skype you wish to uninstall and click on Uninstall.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2015 and has been since revamped and updated in March 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in August 2015 and was revamped and updated in August 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.
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  • Only option 2 of these actually works since skype is now part of windows 10. Signing in just once adds it to the notification system in windows ten, meaning it is still always working, always connected, but not in the task bar or task manager.

  • I guess Microsoft does this on purpose that one cannot stop Skype from running in the background. Luckily, there is task manager …

  • This report is dated August 11, 2015 and today, February 2, 2017, the bug is still there. I am glad they are working hard!

  • I never wanted Skype, I don’t use Skype, I don’t want skype so it sucks that microsoft crammed it on me. and I don’t believe mircrosoft is doing anything of the sort. They want skype running to collect data. Force it to close in task manager….my next move is uninstall if that’s even popular.

  • April 26 2016, the problem is still there.
    “Microsoft is working really hard to patch Skype and to resolve this minor problem” – good one!