Skype Delayed Messages: 4 Ways to Deal With Pending Messages

Expert solutions to get your Skype messages instantly

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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  • When it comes to instant messaging, Skype is one of the best applications, but delayed messages have affected a lot of users.
  • The problem was reported in specific versions of Skype but users continue to face it from to time.
  • To fix this issue, sign out of Skype on all other devices, restart the modem/router, or reset the app, amongst other solutions.
fix skype delayed messages error in Windows

Skype is the pioneer of messaging and video conferencing software. It remains the most used and, with its many integrated services, is undoubtedly one of the best applications in the market. But many users reported that Skype had delayed messages.

For some, Skype is sending messages late, while others found that Skype messages are stuck on sending and don’t go through at all. No matter the case, the problem can be easily fixed, and we will help you.

Why are my Skype messages delayed?

Here are a few reasons Skype is taking forever to send messages:

  • Problem with network connectivity: A slow Internet or random loss of connectivity can often lead to delayed messages, so check this aspect first.
  • Bug in the installed version of Skype: The problem was mass reported on particular versions of Skype and in the same period, which points to a bug in the update.
  • Corrupt app data or missing files: Sometimes, problems with the initial installation or a corrupt app cache can trigger issues in Skype, and resetting the app should do the trick.

What can I do about delayed Skype messages?

Before we head to the slightly complex solutions, try the quick ones first:

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  • Turn off the modem/router by unplugging the power cable for at least two minutes and then power it on. While doing so, restart the computer as well.
  • Log out of all devices except the primary one where you want to continue using Skype.
  • As a quick workaround, type /refresh all in the chat box and hit Enter to view any pending ones if Skype is not sending messages to one contact.
  • In case you see delayed messages in a group chat on Skype, try creating a new group. This has worked for some users.

If none work, move to the fixes listed next.

1. Update Skype

1.1 Downloaded from Microsoft Store

  1. Press Windows + S to open the Search menu, type Microsoft Store, and click on the relevant store
  2. Click on Library near the bottom left.library
  3. Now, click on Get updates.get updates to fix skype delayed messages
  4. If a newer version of Skype is available, wait for it to

1.2 Downloaded from the website

  1. Launch Skype, and press and hold the Alt key for the various menus to appear.
  2. Click on the Help menu, and select Check for Updates.update to fix skype delayed messages
  3. Wait for the pending updates to install, and then restart Skype.

2. Reset Skype

Note icon NOTE
The steps listed here work when you download Skype from Microsoft Store. In case you got Skype from the official website, locate the folder for it under AppData and rename it to Skype.old.
  1. Press Windows + I to open Settings, select Apps from the navigation pane, and click on Installed apps.installed apps
  2. Locate Skype, click on the ellipsis next to it, and choose Advanced options.advanced options
  3. Click on the Reset button.reset to fix skype delayed messages
  4. Again, click Reset in the confirmation prompt.confirm
  5. Once done, launch Skype, and log into your account.

Resetting any app fixes a range of issues, which also works in the case of delayed messages on Skype. After completing the reset, check whether the problem is resolved. If not, you are left with limited options.

3. Install the classic version of Skype

If the previous solutions didn’t work, you could download the classic version of Skype. Most users who reported problems with the regular version found Skype Classic working seamlessly without any delayed messages.

Just ensure you don’t already have Skype installed when running the setup. If that’s the case, uninstall the application and then launch the setup for Skype Classic. Though if you have previously installed Skype from the Microsoft Store, both versions should run together.

4. Use the web version of Skype

Certainly not the first choice for many, but when all else fails, you can always use the web version of Skype. Simply head to the website, log in, and you should be ready.

This negates the idea of using Skype as an application, which is far more seamless but could be used as a temporary measure.

These are all our solutions when Skype has delayed messages; we hope one of these did the trick for you.

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For any queries or to share solutions that worked for you, use the comments section below.