Fix slow boot up in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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If your computer is booting up slower after you installed the Anniversary Update, rest assured there is nothing wrong with your device. It’s the OS that ‘s causing this issue, as many users who are running Windows 10 version 1607 confirmed.

This issue is affecting quite a large number of users, forcing them to wait minutes on end for their computers to start. Judging by their comments, it appears that the boot up time has increased by ten times after the update was installed.

Users are complaining about slow boot up issues in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

“After I installed Windows 10 Anniversary Update, boot up speed is totally decreased.
Before upgrade, it is taking only 4-5 seconds, but after upgrade It is taking around 50-60 seconds to boot up.”

“Right before this update it would only take 30 seconds, now after this update it takes between 1 minute 30 seconds and 3 minutes.

Microsoft’s Support engineers have listed a series of fixes to solve this issue, but users confirmed none of them really worked.

How to make your computer boot up faster

Solution 1 – scan you computer

Run a full-system scan to remove possible infections, if you didn’t scan your machine before upgrading.

Solution 2 – Disable unnecessary startup apps

high startup impact apps windows 10

  1. Launch the Task Manager > select the Startup tab
  2. Filter the apps according to their Startup impact rating > disable the apps with a high impact on startup, but keep security software.

Solution 3 – turn on Fast Startup

  1. Type power options in the search box > select the first result
  2. Select What the power buttons do

customize power buttons anniversary update

3. Scroll down to Shutdown settings > tick the Turn on fast startup checkbox > Save changes.

turn on fast startup windows 10

If none of the solutions listed above help you, you can either re-install the Anniversary Update, or simply roll-back to your previous Windows version.


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Hello. I have faced this problem yesterday and probably found the solution. My thoughts : First of all, the new anniversary update is quite large, it is like installing new Windows. I remember one thing which was suggested before installing new Windows on SSD – disconnect any HDD because Windows creates partitions on HDD, not on SSD..
Ok, so i thought that after the Anniversary update we probably get the system reserved partition on our hard drive because it was connected while updating. Simple thing to test and solve that – open your computer case and disconnect SATA data cable from HDD. I have also changed SSD SATA connector jack to other on my motherboard (don’t know exactly why, just thought it will be better :). So after unplugging HDD and leaving connected only SSD tried to boot system – windows booted fast – like it did before update. Then I turned off my computer and connected HDD to my motherboard (different port again) and boot again. Windows boots fast and no more issues. Please inform if this information was helpful and up-vote for others to see.

NO changing startup options and programs is not acceptable …Had a 7 second boot before the anniversary update should have one after . I removed the update….. i know they will force it on me again so i will keep removing it .