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Key notes

  • Chess Tutor is a comprehensive software solution that could help you hone your chess playing skills.
  • We say almost because we found a list of operating systems that Chess Tutor supports: Windows 10 Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows Vista Windows XP Long story short, if your PC can run at least Windows XP, you're probably in the clear.
Chess Tutor software

Chess Tutor is a comprehensive software solution that could help you hone your chess playing skills. You can use this program if you’re an amateur chess player and want to perfect your technique or learn new strategies.

It comprises a wide variety of lessons that cover basic notions such as the board and the pieces, but also more advanced bits of knowledge regarding planning routes, defending, or planning your check-mate.

Chess Tutor’s system requirements

Although the sys req is a section that every software solution has (or must have, at least), it makes many users nervous. Not knowing if your PC can handle a certain program can be stressful indeed.

However, rest assured that as far as Chess Tutor is concerned, your PC can probably handle it. First of all, there’s almost no system requirement available on the official website. We say almost because we found a list of operating systems that Chess Tutor supports:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Long story short, if your PC can run at least Windows XP, you’re probably in the clear. More so, we’ve tested it on Windows 10 x64, so it’s safe to say that it works on 64-bit systems as well. At least on Windows 10 64-bit, it does. Moving on.


Main screen of Chess Tutor Lesson example Chess Tutor Options section Chess Tutor

Our Review

Easy to deploy
User-friendly interface
Effective learning method
Interactive exercises
Each step must be purchased individually

Chess Tutor Steps 1, 2, 3

What makes Chess Tutor stand out in the crowd is that its software solution is split into three parts. This is quite a unique approach to the whole software business, as we’ve rarely seen anything like it before.

The idea behind this approach is that you can purchase each part (called a Step) separately, according to your needs. You can see a list of lessons that each step covers and make your purchase accordingly. Things might get a bit difficult if you’re interested in lessons that are included in different parts.

Not difficult per se, you just have to buy more than just one part. Thus, we can’t stress this enough, please check each step’s lessons before you make a purchase. You can download a demo of each step and try it before you buy it.

How to install Chess Tutor software

Once you download the installer for the step you want to try, just launch it. You don’t have to do much aside from clicking Next until the setup comes to an end. By default, the program will be installed on your C: drive, in your Program Files folder, and a shortcut will be created on your desktop.

However, if you’re not comfortable with the default settings, you can adjust them easily. Just make sure not to skip one of the configuration steps accidentally during installation. As a side note, Chess Tutor’s installation wizard doesn’t have any license agreement you need to accept.

How to use Chess Tutor software

Once the setup’s done, you can launch it from your desktop or let it run automatically after installation. The first thing you’ll notice is that you need to have a student profile to start learning. If it’s the first time you run it, just click the New Student button and type your name in the appropriate field.

After logging in with your student ID, you’ll be able to see the step’s number and its lessons. Each step has basic and advanced lessons, which are carefully explained on the right side of the screen. After going through each lesson, you can perform a bunch of exercises.

Interactive chess lessons with virtual board

Chess Tutor’s lessons are not just boring videos you need to watch and nod at. Instead, you’re provided with a presentation of the lesson on a virtual board. That way, you’ll get a grip on these notions in no time.

During each lesson, you’ll be prompted to do a bunch of exercises. For instance, step 1’s first lesson asks you to perform basic actions, such as clicking a square, typing the name of a square, or place pieces on their starting positions on the virtual board.

Chess Tutor doesn’t wait for the lesson to be over to give you these exercises. Instead, it intertwines them with lessons, so that your knowledge on the matters is still fresh. This technique is way more effective than dropping a huge chunk of knowledge over you and testing your skills afterward.

Adjust Chess Tutor to your liking

If for some reason you’re not satisfied with the way Chess Tutor looks or feels, you can change some of its options. Just open the File menu and click the Preferences button to access its configuration section.

Here you can change your student name, modify the board’s orientation, toggle coordinates’ visibility, change the model of the pieces and the board, and adjust the level of animation you’re comfortable with.

There’s a small preview pane on the right side so you can check some of your adjustments in real-time if you want to. From this section, you can also delete your profile, or revert the program to its default settings.

Handy chess tutor software solution to perfect your chess skills

Long story short, we’re pretty confident that Chess Tutor can help you make a difference in your chess game. It divides its lessons into three sections called steps, each of which you can download separately, according to your needs.

There’s a free trial for each of the steps, which only lets you try some of the lessons. Each of Chess Tutor’s lessons has practical exercises that you can do during the lessons (as opposed to doing them after the lesson is done), which proves to be a very effective learning method.

You can even configure some of Chess Tutor’s preferences if you’re not comfortable with its default settings.

FAQ: learn more about Chess Tutor software

  • Does the Tutor contain the same tasks as the workbooks for the Steps method?

Yes, since the Chess Tutor software is based on the Steps method. However, the program comprises totally new tasks.

  • Is there a network version for schools?

No, Chess Tutor doesn’t feature a network version for clubs or schools. However, they offer volume licenses for exactly this kind of situation.

  • If I change computers, can I get the license code for the download version again?

Yes, you can receive the license code each time you need it. You just have to send an email to the support team and they’ll send it to you.

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