8 best email extractor software for Windows 10

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  • Email extractors help you quickly build a database of your customers by scanning entire websites of email addresses, extracting this info, and saving it to files. It's certainly faster than adding one email address at a time.
  • There are many software tools designed to harvest email addresses, but the best ones are user-friendly and feature-rich. For example, they can identify duplicate email addresses and add only one copy to your list.
  • It's advisable to secure and protect your emails, so use the best email backup solutions for the job.
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Best email extractor software
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Email extractor software involves an email addresses harvester. In other words, an email extractor tool extracts email addresses from the Internet.

You are able to determine any search criteria that can be a domain name, a search engine, and a keyword. There are lots of email extractor tools on the market, and we chose the best seven of them, just to make your choice much easier.

What’s the best email extractor to collect email  addresses?

  1. Hunter.io
  2. Technocom Email Extractor
  3. Y-Leads Extractor
  4. Email Extractor Pro
  5. Gmail Email Extractor
  6. GSA Email Spider
  7. Top Lead Extractor
  8. Email Grabber

1. Hunter.io

email extractor software

Outreach is one of the key components of successful marketing and online money making. That is why you will need an email extractor software that will penetrate the deepest layers of the internet and find for you valuable emails of top management levels.

Hunter.io gained a lot of popularity in recent years and is one of the most popular options right now. It scrapes the website of the company and then analyses the adjacent positions attached to the emails.

The bulk email finder is one of the most useful and time-saving options if you have lots of companies and names to scrape. Also, you can see the freshness of the mail and conclude if it is good for you or not.

Email verification feature is also great for email protection which makes sure that your mails won’t get to the spam folder as often. It also comes with Zapier integration for seamless synchronization between apps and management tools.

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2. Technocom Email Extractor

technocom email extractor product image
Technocom Email Extractor is one of the fastest tools that we tested. It extracts all possible email addresses from all websites, URL’s and generally from the web.

With it, you can extract emails in fast mode. All you have to do is to add the URL’s you want the emails extracted from and start the process.

Another great functionality is the elimination of duplicate addresses. You will have less selection and deleting work thus speeding up your workflow.

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You can also select to keep the emails you really want and focus on the important addresses by using the “dig up to level” function.

You can download it for free and test it and you also can directly buy it from the links below.

Download now Technocom Email Extractor


email extractor Y-LEADS EXTRACTOR

Yellow Leads Extractor is a useful and professional tool for those who need to create a database of business prospects.

In fact, the program is able to scan and extract contact data (such as business name, phone, and email address) of thousands of companies directly from the Yellow Pages websites all over the world.

It’s easy and intuitive. Just select the desired country, choose a category, a location, and a keyword and press the “Get Data” button. At the end of the extraction process, you can export all records to Excel or csv.

The sources supported by Y-Leads Extractor are YellowPages, Yelp and Infobel directories of the major countries of the world such as USA, Germany, Canada, Spain, France, Brazil, Russia, India, and many others.

The program is constantly updated and new sources are added monthly.

Check now Y-leads Extractor

4. Email Extractor Pro

email extractor

Email Extractor Pro is an advanced email addresses harvester that extracts email addresses from the Internet. The software’s powerful engine will quickly extract email addresses from the websites and top search engines including MSN, Yahoo, and Google.

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Check out more essential features that are included in this tool:

  • Email Extractor Pro automatically removes duplicate emails.
  • You can easily supplement your emailing list with thousands of email addresses while eliminating lots of hours of work.
  • The tool is designed to automatically extract email addresses from the web and local files as well.
  • Email Extractor Pro compiles the emails to a list eliminating duplicates.
  • The powerful engine makes Email Extractor Pro one of the fastest tools out there.
  • It uses the minimum of your system’s resources, and it will run smoothly in the background.
  • It’s easy to use, and it comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • It provides fast and smooth performance.
  • Email Extractor’s reliability is really impressive, and the program is easily installed and uninstalled from your PC.
  • Despite the fact that this tool is lightweight and it won’t take up lots of space on your system, its speed is awe-inspiring.

You will also receive high-quality support from a professional support team.

Download Email Extractor Pro

5. Gmail Email Extractor

email extractor

Gmail Email Extractor can harvest email ids in bulk from Gmail, and this tool is a small but effective one at the same time. It has mastery in fetching email IDs from the Gmail account.

Check out more exciting features of this tool below:

  • This tool includes all the necessary options that are essential while getting email ids from Gmail.
  • Users are able to harvest email IDs from folders of Gmail such as Inbox, Sent, Draft and so on with the options that are provided.
  • The tool also has the choice to fetch email IDs from fields including To, CC, From, BCC and so on and it can save the ids list as well.
  • Gmail Email Extractor makes email IDs harvesting from the Gmail account really easy and effortless.
  • You will be able to only download unique email addresses because this tools automatically eliminates duplicates.
  • You have the option to choose an email message range.

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